Skye Hepatitis Research Update July 2019

In 2017 researchers at the Animal Health Trust (AHT) began the next phase of the Skye Terrier Hepatitis research to prepare for a genome wide association study (GWAS) to try and find a region in the genome involved with the disease. This was written about in the Skye Terrier Health Report 2018. The estimated cost then was £4,000 and the requested amount was forwarded to the AHT in July 2017.

The preparation did take longer than expected, as is often the case with research. GWAS has however now been done and we have been told that 2 promising regions have come up. Work has been on-going for some time to look into these regions. The cost for the GWAS has somewhat increased since the original estimate and a further £2,000 has been forwarded from the Skye Terrier Club Health Research Fund to cover the added cost.

This research project was initiated by the Skye Terrier Club’s Health Committee and has so far been funded with over £8,000 (not including the latest payment) from the Research Fund. The project would not have been possible without the owners, some from far afield, supplying DNA samples and samples from sick dogs, so huge thanks must go to them! The work would also have been impossible without the many donations, directly or through supporting our fund raising activities. Special mention must go to the Swedish Skye Terrier Club, sadly now dissolved, which in 2018 donated the impressive sum of £2,307 to the Research Fund (mentioned in the 2019 Health Report). That gratefully received money will now immediately start to work towards the continued efforts to find a DNA test to prevent future cases of Skye Terrier Hepatitis.

Maud Hawkes

Chair, Skye Terrier Health Committee