Global Skye Terrier Cancer Survey

The Skye Terrier Club, Skye Terrier Club of America and Skye Terrier Club of Finland are working together to investigate the incidence of different types of cancer among the Skye Terrier population. Representatives from the Clubs’ Health committees have put together a short survey to help gather information on cases of cancer around the globe.

If you have, or had, a Skye Terrier that was diagnosed with cancer please complete the online survey. All information is submitted anonymously and you are able to send case histories for dogs that are now deceased. The survey is on-going and will remain open for the foreseeable future, however, please submit your cases as soon as possible.

You can access the survey by clicking the following link: Skye Terrier Global Cancer Survey

If you have any questions about the survey or would like further information about any health condition, please contact Maud Hawkes, Health Committee Chair