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Skye Terrier Database

Have you heard of the Skye Terrier database?  The database provides a wonderful resource, courtesy of Hanna Granlund (of Buckwheaters Skye Terriers) (, with a host of pedigree information. The database is an extensive online resource holding pedigree information for Skye Terriers from across the world. By entering the registered name of the dog on

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Drop Ear Skye Terriers

Dog shows began in about 1860 and from then on it is possible to trace all the winners up to the present day through the official Stud Books. The earliest show dogs came from Scotland, some of them actually from Skye. Drop ears were in the majority until the turn of the century, when exhibitors favoured the prick eared variety. This is still the case today. Despite this preference the drop ear appears occasionally, though on the continent of Europe this seldom occurs because of the strict regulation which came into effect in 1934 forbidding the interbreeding of prick ears to drop ear dogs.

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