Breeder Puppy Packs

All breeders want the very best for their puppies as they go to their new homes. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what information should be passed on to new owners. The Skye Terrier Club has put together a puppy pack that breeders who are member if the club can give to their new owners. The packs contain:

  • A welcome letter from the Skye Terrier Club to new owners
  • Club membership application form
  • Information flyer on breed health with contacts for the Health Committee
  • Socialisation chart for puppies
  • Exercise information for puppies
  • ‘You have met a Skye Terrier’ cards
  • Breed/neuter and kidney scans information sheet

There is also the option for breeders to buy the following from the Skye Terrier Club stall as part of their packs for new owners:

  • Breed standard booklet
  • Movement booklet
  • Skye key ring
  • Skye lapel badge

If you’d like to request the puppy pack to give out to your puppy owners, please email the Secretary of the Club. The puppy pack will be emailed to you and you may print as many copies as you need for your puppies.

If you would like to order any of the extras for the pack, please email the Treasurer of the Club.