80 Benches in 80 Days

Skye Terrier, Elvis, and owner John Lincoln have recently completed an 80 benches in 80 days challenge, raising money for Parkinson’s UK.

John and his lovely Skye, Elvis, decided to raise money for Parkinson’s UK as Elvis’ breeder suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. To do this they decided to undertake visiting 80 different benches around Norfolk and planned on achieving this over 80 days.

The photo above shows John and Elvis on bench number 80 at Taverham Garden Centre

John took photos of Elvis on each of the benches that they visited and posted them on the Skye Terriers World Facebook page along with a little bit of history of the areas each bench was situated. He did not initially think of getting sponsorship for the challenge but was asked many times if he would do so.

Cath Parker, club treasurer, created a Paypal button on the Skye Terrier Club website so that anyone who wanted to donate could do so online. With the kindness of people donating via the club website, Elvis and John managed to raise £280 for Parkinson’s UK which is a great achievement!

At the end of the challenge after they visited bench number 80, John said, “Today is day 80 and the final day of Around the Benches in 80 days and we have been as far west as Downham Market, as far east as Martham, north as Sheringham and south as Harleston. We started in temperatures of 28 C and also encountered temperatures as low as -3 C and, one day, very doubtful that we would get out due to the dangerous roads.”

The whole 80 benches in 80 days challenge was keenly followed on the Skye Terriers World Facebook page as well as on the club’s own page. It gained a lot of attention and, in doing so, flew the flag for Skye Terriers.

In recognition of all the hard work put in by John and Elvis, as well as their social media posts chronicling the challenge, the Skye Terrier Club are awarding John with the Digital Ambassador Award.

Elvis relaxing on the garden bench at his home after all his hard work