My Skye Versatility Awards

Do you do dog sports or other activities with your Skye? Would you like to be able to get recognition for your dog’s talents and activities? Then the My Skye awards scheme is just the ticket for you.

See what other Skyes have been doing to get their Versatility Awards!

The aim of the scheme is to encourage Skye owners to get out there and make the breed more visible. Anything you do with your dog, including breed showing, dog sports and taking part in local game fairs and fun shows, can earn you points towards the My Skye awards. All you have to do is request a scorecard and keep a record of all the activities your dog does. When you have enough points to claim an award, send your scorecard to the scheme organiser and they will confirm your dog’s achievement. The more you do and achieve with your Skye, the more points you get – if you want to know how many points a CC or an Agility 1st gets you, the points matrix can be found on the Downloads page.

Available awards are:

Copper (*):                                   2 points from 2 different columns/disciplines

Bronze (**):                                  4 points from 2 different columns/disciplines

Silver (***):                                   6 points from 2 or 3 different columns/disciplines

Gold (****):                                   9 points from at least 3 different columns/disciplines

Platinum (*****):                       12 points from at least 3 different columns/discipline


Clear round at UKA/KC agility show = 1pt

Good Citizen’s Bronze award = 1pt

Dog is now eligible to claim their Copper award

PAT dog assessment pass = 3pt

‘Meet the breed’ stand at local show = 2pt

Seven points in total, dog can claim their Bronze and Silver award

To get your scorecard and start collecting points email the My Skye Versatility Awards stating your name and your dog’s name. A scorecard and points matrix will be emailed back to you and you can start filling it up right away.


  1. Points are awarded per dog.
  2. Handlers wishing to compete in the scheme must request a scorecard before being able to claim.
  3. Handlers are responsible for recording their dog’s activities and achievements.
  4. When a claim is made the scorecard and any evidence of achievement should be returned to the scheme organiser. These can be sent via post or electronically.
  5. Evidence must clearly show the dog’s participation or achievement. In the case of certificates and rosettes, photographs of these can be submitted rather than sending in the originals. Other evidence may include signed entries or scorecards, published show results (online or in print) or photographs of publicity events attended (again copies or photos are permitted in place of originals).
  6. Once a dog has achieved one award, the points are put toward the next level (i.e. the 2 points for Copper count towards the 4 points needed for Bronze, and so on).
  7. Awards achieved will be presented at the Skye Terrier Club Open Show. Participants will receive notification of the requirements needed for their next award once a claim has been verified.
  8. The deadline for claiming awards for a given year will be March 31st of the following year (to claim for 2013, submit your scorecard before March 31st 2014).
  9. Rosettes and certificates will be presented at the Club Open Show in April each year.
  10. There will be a role of honour for all those achieving awards published online.


Q. I live outside of the UK, can I take part in the scheme?

A. Yes! Activities and events in your home country will score the same number of points as the UK Kennel Club equivalents and, if you do an activity not listed on the points matrix you can still score points for it. Just forward details of the activity/sport and the level at which your dog competes and points will be allocated for your achievements.

Q. My dog takes part in a sport/activity not listed on the points table, can I still claim points.

A. Yes. Simply submit the scorecard with evidence of participation and achievement (please make the level of achievement as clear as possible) and points will be awarded. Once the claim has been checked you will be told how many points you collected from those activities.

Q. If I start on the scheme now can activities my dog has done in the past be awarded points?

A. Yes. Provided that you can give full details of the activity, event or show and have some kind of evidence to show participation.

Q. I started recording points when I was handling my dog, can I record points when someone else handles my dog?

A. Yes. Points are awarded per dog so it doesn’t matter who handles the dog for each activity.

Q. I have achieved the silver award using 6 points from two activities. Can I achieve the Gold award just by collecting more points from the two activities I have already used?

A. No. For the Gold and Platinum awards there must be at least 1 point taken from three different activities. So if your Silver award was won by gaining a CC (4pt) and Good Citizen’s Scheme Gold (3pt) to give you 7 points, at least one of the two additional points for the Gold award needs to come from a different activity (i.e. manning the breed booth at Crufts and Discover Dogs in the same year +2pt).