Results: Championship Show 2014

Skye Terrier Club Championship Show (2014)

Judge: Gail Marshall (Glorfindel)


Minor Puppy Dog (0 entries)

Puppy Dog (1)

1st-Grainger’s Perrylands Munro

Very pleasing puppy, Lovely balance, Lovely bite with pleasing head, cream with good black points, Front still needing to tighten slightly but should do as he matures,  good top line, loved his day out,  great nature, BPD

Best Puppy in Show

Junior Dog (3)

1st-McLeods’ Esgia Murray’s Olympic Gold

My How this boy has matured well,  Has the three L’s.  Lovely type, black with good bite and strong head, Well made with good rib to loin ratio, pleasing front construction, strong hindquarters, moved when settled only one thing his ear set would prefer it tighter. but loved this young man and will watch his career with interest RES CC

2nd-Landolt’s Buckwheaters Bold as Brass

Cream with good pigment,  Lovely head with good bite, good length of body  but needs to show of his length of neck, front needs to tighten. Moved well

3rd-King’s Fun and Games at Celticbridge

Graduate Dog (1)


Post Graduate Dog (0)

 Limit Dog (3)

1st-Whites’ Gumshoe Moses Jones

Well made with pleasing head and correct bite,  good front construction, A bit unsettled when moving, would have preferred a bit more length

2nd-King’s Celticbridge Man of Steel

This young man was very unsettled but well made with good front with pleasing head again would have liked a shade more length

3rd-Bailey’s Talyot Nimrod by Marjayn

Open Dog (5)

1st-Curtis’ Brakemill Barnum ShCM

Very pleasing cream with good pigment and lovely head, good bite, well made front with good strong backend  Moved out well round the ring but would have just preferred a little lower to ground

2nd-Garland-Collins’ Bhuidh Here Be Dragons

Liked this young man a lot, lovely head with good bite,  well made but could have moved with more drive,  didn’t have the ring presence of first

3rd-Whites’ Talyot Menelaus at Gumshoe

Res-Smith’s Lam-Baias Mad Max at Marrcrieff (Imp Dnk)

VHC-Shuttleworth’s Whicheeta Celtic Keepsake

Veteran Dog (3)

1st-Harrison’s Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson ShCM

great ring presence,  cream with good pigment, strong head and jaw with correct bite,  Lovely balance with the three L’s Good rib to loin ratio,  Moved very well in the challenge, and although slightly bigger than I like could not be denied top honours  CC and BOS

2nd-MacQueen’s Lynaire Mr Darcey of Azrakhan ShCM

Black Another pleasing oldie, lovely head piece with good bite, Very similar remarks apply but would have preferred a touch more length

3rd-Ankorn’s Feorlig True Destiny of Pensford

Vintage Dog (1)

1st-Lynch’s Kenmilltri Fraxinus

A dear oldie enjoying his day out  dark grey with nice head and construction, Moved well for age


Dog CC: Harrison’s Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson ShCM

Reserve Dog CC: McLeods’ Esgia Murray’s Olympic Gold

Best Puppy Dog: Grainger’s Perrylands Munro


Minor Puppy Bitch (1)


Puppy Bitch (1)

1st-Shuttleworth’s Perrylands Cassidy at Whicheeta

Dark silver, Pleasing puppy with good bite and correct terrier eye, nice neck leading into good shoulders, well presented  needs to settle on the move BPB

Junior Bitch (2)

1st-McLeods’ Esgia Andi’s Wimbledon Dream

When settled pleasing outline with good front, she was enjoying herself so much difficult to assess on the move, a bit keen or her tail

Graduate Bitch (1)


Post Graduate Bitch (1)

1st-Smith’s Marrcrieff Glen Glamis

Dark Silver Although very unsettled in the ring this is a pleasing bitch to go over, well made with a good head and bite and moved well fore and aft, holding her top line

Limit Bitch (3)

1st-Whites’ Gumshoe Silent Witness

Black with Good size, and  lovely balance, Very pretty young girl,  Lovely head with good bite,  well made front and rear,  Moved well holding her top line liked her a lot  but needs to watch her tail  Res CC

2nd-King’s Dark Secret at Celticbridge

Dark Grey  Another nice bitch with pretty head and good bite, well made and good size just didn’t move out as well as would have liked

3rd-Barrass’ Lavaux Spirit of the Isle of Gallondean ShCM

Open Bitch (3)

1st-Garland-Collins’ Bhuidh Motholeli

Black I have always liked her and wasn’t disappointed in going over her, Lovely size and  good length and low to ground, Pretty head with correct bite and well made front and rear, well presented and moved well enough to earn top honours CC, BV, BIS

2nd-Woodhead’s Ch Knowlespring Mistletoe

Cream with good black points, another I have admired from the ringside Lovely head with correct bite well made front construction and rear Moved out well but would have preferred her a little lower to ground

3rd-Curtis’ Brakemill Briar Rose

Veteran Bitch (3)

1st-Garland-Collins’ Bhuidh Motholeli

2nd-MacQueen’s Ch Azrakhan Capercaille ShCM

Black, I have done well by this lady before and still has the necessary essentials just lost out on her top line when stacked  Still like her a lot

3rd-Shuttleworth’s Perrylands Stroller cum Whicheeta

Vintage Bitch (0)


Bitch CC: Garland-Collins’ Bhuidh Motholeli

Reserve BCC: Whites’ Gumshoe Silent Witness

Best Puppy Bitch: Shuttleworth’s Perrylands Cassidy at Whicheeta



Best in Show: Garland-Collins’ Bhuidh Motholeli
Reserve Best in Show: Whites’ Gumshoe Silent Witness
Best Opposite Sex: Harrison’s Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson ShCM



Best Puppy in Show: Grainger’s Perrylands Munro
Best Veteran: Garland-Collins’ Bhuidh Motholeli



Mearn Gibson Memorial Members Health Fund Stakes (7)

1st-McLeods’ Esgia Murray’s Olympic Gold

2nd-Curtis’ Brakemill Barnum ShCM

3rd-McLeods’ Esgia Andi’s Wimbledon Dream

Res-Lynch’s Kenmilltri Fraxinus

VHC-Smith’s Lam-Baias Mad Max at Marrcrieff (Imp Dnk)

Special Beginners in memory of Kathleen Gaughan (1)


Brace (0)


Best Bitch and Best in Show

Best Bitch and Best in Show

Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex

Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex