Open Show 2023


I would like to thank the Skye Terrier Club and its members for the opportunity to judge this show. Thanks also to the exhibitors for giving me the pleasure of judging your lovely Skyes.

It was a good quality entry and even if it was a number of absentees, I still enjoyed my day immensely. All had lovely temperaments. Presentation was in most cases good, a few otherwise lovely dogs lost out on their lack of condition on the day. It’s also worth remembering that the length of body should come from the ribcage and not from the loin. Having said that, I was very pleased with my winners.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (No entries)

PUPPY DOG (3, 2)

1 Taylor’s Riskerytree’s Ruaridh At Billkenstar, Dark grey, 10 months, excellent proportions, beautiful head and expression with excellent length of muzzle. nice length and reach of neck, correct angulation in front and rear, moves quite well for age but topline needs to settle. coat of good quality. A happy boy with super temperament. BEST PUPPY



1 Lyne’s Madaza Box Of Frogs, Nearly 2 years cream drop ear, excellent body proportions, lovely neck and shoulder placement. nice head and expression with correct ears, topline needs to settle, moves quite well, coat of good quality, showed well.


1 Lyne’s Madaza Box Of Frogs


1 De Leie’s Verumamicus Cicero, Lovely cream, almost 2 years, strong masculine head with lovely expression, OK length of neck, good topline, a little out in elbows, and would prefer straighter front legs, body of good length, moves well with correct tail carriage.

LIMIT DOG (5, 2)

1 Heath’s Lavaux’s Bahamian Chris, Lovely, elegant male with excellent body proportions, super head and expression, excellent ears and eyes. excellent neck and topline on the stack, lost some of his beautiful outline on the move, quite proud of his tail, moves well, excellent coat and color, beautifully presented.

2 Sanderson’s Esgia Highland Laddie, A bigger male all over but still lovely in many ways, powerful, attractive head with super length and strength in muzzle, excellent set of ears, enough neck, excellent topline standing and on the move, straight front legs and well placed shoulder, excellent coat and color, moves and shows well, just wished he was slightly lower stationed.

OPEN DOG (3, 1)

1 Pringle’s CH Esgia The Exciseman SHCEX, Attractive 5 years cream of super quality, all male, beautiful strong head with correct length of muzzle, Lovely dark eyes and well set ears, to be critical, I would like to see more reach of neck to complete the picture, level topline on the stack and on the move, strongly built body with good depth, beautifully presented coat of good length and quality, moves freely and with purpose, excellent tail carriage, shows well. BOB and BIS.

2 Kendrick’s CH Frisco Kiaora At Jeraro (IMP CZE), Beautiful dark male, excellent size and body proportions, excellent depth of body, super front assembly, masculine head with excellent eyes and ears. perhaps at times a little hesitant on the move today but did his job well enough to earn his placing, enough coat of good quality. RBD


VINTAGE DOG (No entries)

BEST DOG: Pringle’s CH Esgia The Exciseman SHCEX

RESERVE BEST DOG: Kendrick’s CH Frisco Kiaora At Jeraro (IMP CZE)

BEST PUPPY DOG: Taylor’s Riskerytree’s Ruaridh At Billkenstar

BEST VETERAN DOG: No veteran dogs


1 Fooks’ Silverbriar Isabelle, Dark grey, 9 months, a sweet but still very raw bitch puppy with excellent proportions, lovely head and expression, correct ears and ear set, coat of good quality, moves ok for age, but would like to see a little more drive, topline is not at its best today. A happy little girl enjoying her day out. BOS PUPPY


1 Fooks’ Silverbriar Isabelle


1 Whitelam’s Madaza Star, Promising young girl, very attractive feminine head and expression with lovely ears and dark eyes. well developed body for age, excellent front assembly, well angulated in front and rear, lovely cream coat, moves well


1 Heale’s Rhoderns Helena, Feminine young girl with lots to like, super front assembly with straight front legs, well angulated in front and rear, excellent neck and strong level topline, lovely head and expression, moves well keeping her outline at all times, just wished she was slightly lower on her legs, lovely cream coat coming along nicely, well presented.

2 Whitelam’s Madaza Star


1 O’Rourke’s Borcho Skoosh At Struanmore, 2 years cream, correct proportions, lovely feminine head end expression, good ears, good length of neck, strong topline, moves well, lovely coat quality


1 Curtis’ Brakemill Midsummer Dream JW, 20 months, grey, super in size and body proportions, feminine head with enough length of muzzle, sweet expression with dark eyes and lovely ears, enough length of neck, topline is a little unsettled at times, moves and shows well, lovely coat and color.

2 Heath’s Skyeshire Rosie, 2 years cream, elegant girl with lots to like, lovely neck and topline, just needs to body up. excellent front assembly, good coat and moves well.


1 O’Rourke’s Esgia Glen Scotia Of Borcho, 5 years cream, Powerful girl yet feminine with a strong head, enough neck, topline could be better on the move, moves well, nice coat of good quality.


1 Pringle’s CH Esgia First And Fairest, High quality cream girl, super head with lovely feminine expression, enough reach of neck, strong level topline, could perhaps be a tad longer in body for optimal balance, strong body of excellent depth, keeping her outline on the move. sound mover with excellent drive. perfectly presented coat of super length, quality and color. BB and ResBIS

2 CH Verumamicus Aurora Of Brakemill JW, A bigger girl all through with still lots to like, strong yet feminine in head and expression, excellent length of muzzle, lovely ears, good reach of neck, moves soundly and with purpose, well presented coat of good quality, shows well. RBB


1 McLeod’s Noap Charoit Madlen Mardzheri At Esgia, 8,5 years, Lovely veteran girl, excellent strong head with lovely expression, nice neck and topline, well angulated in front and rear, moves well for her age, good quality coat.

BEST BITCH: Pringle’s CH Esgia First And Fairest

RESERVE BEST BITCH: CH Verumamicus Aurora Of Brakemill JW

BEST PUPPY BITCH: Fooks’ Silverbriar Isabelle

BEST VETERAN BITCH: McLeod’s Noap Charoit Madlen Mardzheri At Esgia

BEST IN SHOW: Pringle’s CH Esgia The Exciseman SHCEX

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: Pringle’s CH Esgia First And Fairest

BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SHOW: Pringle’s CH Esgia First And Fairest

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Taylor’s Riskerytree’s Ruaridh At Billkenstar

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW: McLeod’s Noap Charoit Madlen Mardzheri At Esgia