Open Show 2022

The Skye Terrier Club Single Breed Open Show

16th April 2022

Lostock Parish Centre, Lostock Bolton.

Judge: Ms Jan Shuttleworth

It was a pleasure and a privilege to receive an invite to judge this show. The paper entry was excellent but due to both Human illness namely Covid and dog illness doing the rounds the numbers were some what depleted. This did not however detract from the quality of exhibits and still made for some difficult decisions on my part. I was pleased to see all exhibits presented at their best and the temperaments of each and everyone of them was perfect. This is a testimony not only of good breeding principles but also good education on the importance of socialising our wonderful breed.

Minor Puppy Dog (1) 1 Absent

Puppy Dog (3) 1 Absent

1. De Leie’s Verumamicua Cicero, In his last day of puppy showing. A very handsome cream boy with profuse coat, Strong head, with kind eye, good dentition, and lovely expression. Strong bone, level topline with good ratio of rib to loin. Moves well just needs to settle a little more to show off his drive. BPD, Reserve Best Puppy in show and Best Opposite sex puppy in show.

2 Lyne’s Madaza Box of Frogs, Nice Drop eared puppy who exhibited masculinity. Strong skull and jaw, good dentition and kind eye, good length of neck, into a well proportioned body. Well angulated. Coat coming in well, moved with drive.

Junior Dog (2) 1 absent

1. De Leie’s Verumamicua Cicero as above

Yearling Dog (0)

Graduate Dog (3) 1 absent

1. ​Heath A & R ‘s Lavaux’s Bahamian Chris. One I have been watching and was not disappointed when going over him. A lovely example of a male skye, Strong mansculine skull and jaw, kind eye and excellent dentition. Double coat of correct texture with good fringing and pigmentation. Lovely length of neck into well laid back shoulders and plenty of heart room with straight strong legs. Good depth of rib and short loin. His height to wither in my consideration is correct to the breed standard and he exhibits excellent proportions without exageration. Level top line, tail set on correctly and moved around the ring with drive and elegance, a real head turner and very fit for purpose. I was pleased to award this dog Best in Show.

2. ​Turner’s Knowlespring Quincy. Nice cream boy with strong black points and a very handsome  head finished with a mass of fringing, kind eye and good dentition. Nice neck and front and rear sound, good depth of rib. Good tail set, level top line standing and on the move. Covered the ground really well. Just a little too tall for my liking.

Post Graduate Dog (0)

Limit Dog (1) 1 absent

Open Dog (4) 2 absent

1.​Whincup’s CH Partisky Precious Moment, Mature cream boy in full double coat, he has a strong masculine head, good jaw and dentition, perfect earset and fringes of black finish the picture. Nice length of neck that flows into good sloping shoulders, He is full of bone and substance. Good limbs, Rib to lion ratio excellent and level topline . Presented in lovely condition both coat and muscle. Moved around the ring well. Well up to height for my liking. RBD

2. ​MacLean and Wiers Knowlspring Jackpot at Rhoderns. Mature cream boy once again in good double coat, just not as profuse as 1. Nice masculine dog with a good strong skull and jaw, good dentition and good earset, Fringing coming. Nice length of neck into well placed shoulders. Rib to loin ratio is good and topline level, moved well but will less drive then 1.

Veteran Dog (2) 2 absent

Vintage Dog (1)

1. Parkers Glorfindel Deacon Brodie ShCh VW, this wonderful old man still gave a little sparkle to the ring today, He still carries that wonderful profuse coat at 10 ½ years of age although maybe a few grey hairs are sneaking in. In good body and muscle for age. He may be feeling his age a little on the move but still remains a trooper. Best Vintage in Show and Oldest Dog in Show.

Best Dog: ​Heath A & R ‘s Lavaux’s Bahamian Chris

Res Best Dog: ​Whincup’s CH Partisky Precious Moment

Best Puppy Dog: De Leie’s Verumamicua Cicero

Best Vintage Dog: Parker’s Glorfindel Deacon Brodie ShCh VW

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Curtis’s Brakemill Mid Summer Dream, A Delightful puppy of much quality with a beautiful feminine appeal. Still a baby, she was not phased and took the day in her stride. Lovely black bitch in good textured coat already. Gentle eye, good dentition, strong jaw and good earset. Nice reach of neck into good laid back shoulders. Nice front limbs with good heart room. Rib to loin ratio good. Tail set good. Moves with reach and drive. BPB, Best Puppy in Show

2. Heale and Davies Rhoderns Helena, Lovely Cream Bitch with nice black points, Good ear set, feminine head and kind eye, good dentition, strong jaw, and lovely expression. Nice length of neck into good shoulders, nice length of rib and in good ratio to loin. Moved well with ease. Just not quite as feminine as 1.

Puppy Bitch (8) 4 absent

1. Curtis’s Brakemill Midsummer Dream as above

2. Hamilton’s Headscrook Heads or Tails. Nice feminine bitch with well proportioned head, nice eyes, good ear set and good dentition. Nice reach of neck into good shoulder and strong limbs, Rib Cage has depth and a strong loin. Top line level, just a bit shorter than 1.

3. Whincups’ Rauvunahon Agrafena For Partisky (imp fin). A very raw bitch who shows good promise, Nice to go over, was a little nervous on the move but with work will get there. Good feminine head, into nice shoulders, body in proportion, level topline, moved ok.

​Junior Bitch (4) 2 absent​

1. Whincup’s Gleanntan Look at Me at Partisky. A beautiful black young bitch, all there in my eyes. Lovely and feminine with a beautiful head, Earset perfect and strong jaw with correct dentition. Excellent length of neck into gently sloping shoulders with good heart room and nice strong front limbs, Well ribbed up and short of loin, held her top line on the move driven by her strong hind quarters. Tail set and carriage correct. So beautiful to look at. Sadly she wasn’t playing ball on the move today, but this could not take away from the quality of the bitch. RBB

2. O’Rouke’s  Borschia Skoosh, A nice young cream bitch with good coat, nice head and earset. Kind eye and good dentition. Good black points, nice length of neck. Rib to loin ration good, loin strong. Level top line and moved with drive.

Yearling bitch (0)

Graduate Bitch (3) 1 absent

1. Heath’s Skyeshire Rosie, a very attractive youngster in full cream coat of correct texture. Very pretty bitch with good head and well set ears. Strong black points, kind eye and good dentition. Nice length of neck good shoulder and long level topline with correct tail set.  Nice deep ribs with short strong loin. Moves well with floating drive and eager to please.

2. O’Rouke’s Esgia Glen Scotia of Borcho, Nice Bitch but stockier then 1. Good Coat with excellent pigment. Nice earset with balanced head, kind eye and good dentition. Neck ok into laid back shoulders, Good depth of rib, level top line, tail set on correctly, moved well around the ring. A little to masculine for my liking.

Post Graduate Bitch (1)

1. Burscough’s Kilfinan Nightingale, A maturing bitch with a strong but feminine skull, full of kind expression in her eyes, good earset, good dentition, and strong supporting jaws, Nice length of neck, good shoulder placement and excellent rib and loin ratio. Excellent top line that was held on the move. She moved with ease around the ring.

Limit Bitch (1)

1. MacLean and Wiers Kometa Rossi Gerbera at Rhoderns. A beautiful dark grey feminine bitch which really fills the eye. She has a full double coat of correct texture and shown in terrific condition. A lovely balanced feminine head with correct earset and dentition. Kind eye and proud head carriage. Excellent length of neck into strong well balanced sloping shoulders. Rib to loin ratio correct with strong hind quarters producing plenty of drive. Nice level topline, at what I consider to be the correct height for the standard. Very obviously fit for purpose. A pleasure to give this young lady Reserve best in show and Best Opposite Sex 

Open Bitch (5) 2 absent

1. Curtis’ CH  Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill JW,  A quality bitch who has done really well in her showing career, In full coat despite not long out of the maternity wing. Of excellent overall construction with great angulation, Strong Skull and jaw, good dentition, kind eye, long reach of neck, rib to loin ration correct, level top line, moves with drive. Fully up to height for me however.

2. Parker’s Tweedsmuir Feebee Mine ShCh. A nice cream bitch with good fringing, would like a little more pigment. Kind eye with lovely expression. Good earset balanced head with strong jaw and good dentition. Nice reach of neck and perfect shoulders. Good depth of rib and plenty of heart room. Holds a good topline and moves around the ring with drive. Impressive that she freestacks and shows herself well.

3. Duncan’s Verumamicus Ambrosia of Kyloran, Litter sister to 1. In profuse coat and furnishings, shown in the best of condition. Moved well around the ring.

Veteran Bitch (4) 3 absent

1. Burscough’s Ch Glorfindel Shadow Wings at Kilfinan ShCh. A very showy bitch that still very much has it. Strong feminine head with matching jaw, dark kind eye and excellent dentition. Nice length of neck, into well made shoulders. Rib to loin ratio excellent. Strong top line held well on the move. Moves with drive and sparkle. Best Veteran in Show

Best Bitch: MacLean and Wiers Kometa Rossi Gerbera at Rhoderns

Res Best Bitch: Whincup’s Gleanntan Look at Me at Partisky

Best Puppy Bitch: Curtis’s Brakemill Mid Summer Dream

Best Veteran Bitch: Burscough’s Ch Glorfindel Shadow Wings at Kilfinan ShCh

Best In Show: Heath A & R, Lavaux’s Bahamian Chris

Reserve Best In Show: MacLean Mr R & Weir Mr J Kometa Rossie Gerbera at Rhoderns

Best Opposite Sex: MacLean Mr R & Weir Mr J Kometa Rossie Gerbera at Rhoderns

Best Puppy In Show: Curtis Mrs J Brakemill Midsummer Dream

Reserve Best Puppy In Show: De Leie Mrs J Verumamicus Cicero

Best Opposite Sex Puppy: De Leie Mrs J Veriumamicus Cicero

Best Veteran: Burscough Mr A  Ch Glorfindel Shadow Wings at Kilfinan ShCh

Best Vintage: Parker Mrs CA Glorfindel Deacon Brodie ShCh VW