Open Show 2018

Judge: Mr Tony Burscough (Kilfinan)

I would like to thank the membership of the Club for voting for me to Judge this prestigious show, the exhibitors for a wonderful entry, and the Officers and Committee for such a well organised and well run show all combining to make this an unforgettable day for myself. I would like to thank my steward, Mike Taylor, for his very able assistance in keeping the classes moving.

I was pleased with the overall quality of the entry, all dogs were presented well groomed and clean despite the winter we have just endured. I was pleased to see that all the dogs had clean teeth, something that I don’t always see in other breeds, and were well pigmented. In a number of classes I was forced to make some difficult decisions and I’m sure on another day dogs will change places.

The only general comments I would make is that breeders should pay attention to the length of back coming from the length of rib as a number of ribcages were short and also to the angle of the croup and tailset as a few were too flat and tailset too high. The Skye is an elegant breed and I feel that we need to make sure that bone structure doesn’t become too heavy and coarse.

Minor Puppy Dog – No entries

Puppy Dog – No entries

Junior Dog (2)

1. Marshall’s Flanangan Show Stopper Glorfindel(Imp Svn). 16 mth old cream of excellent type. Liked the strength, length and balance, skull to muzzle, of his head. Correct bite, large teeth and good width of underjaw. Ear placement correct and they were well feathered. Has a good length of neck, shoulders correctly angulated and good depth of chest and length of rib. Liked his rear angulation, nicely moulded croup and well set tail which was carried well. In good coat and condition and held his topline well on the stand and on the move. Dog who, at the moment, lacks confidence in the showring but I am sure when he settles he will be one to challenge the best.

2. Wallace’s Tweedsmuir Flyin High. Another young dog with good overall size, with good length of neck and body. Dark silver. Liked his head for strength and balance, good strength of muzzle, felt his ears could be higher set. Shoulders well laid back, well angulated and elbows tight to body. Felt he didn’t have the length and depth of rib of 1 and he wasn’t always maintaining a level topline on the stand. Movement was free and active. I feel he still has a lot of maturing to do before we see him at his best.

Graduate Dog (3)

1. Hawkes’ Gallondean Foreign Xchange with Maridale. 2yr old cream who had the best outline in this class, neck of good length and nicely arched neck which flowed well into a long straight backline. Coat is not his fortune at present but is well fitting and correctly textured. Masculine head with strength, good depth and width of muzzle, ears correctly set and with enough fringing. Shoulders that are well laid back and angulation that is complimentary front and rear. Had the best length and depth of rib in this class. Showed enough movement to see his free, active and fluid gait. Another that would benefit from more ring training and confidence.

2. Lynch’s Skyeluck Sisu (Imp Fin). Attractive 18 mth old silver drop ear. Head is correct for shape and balance, ears correctly set and flat to the skull. Liked his length of back, depth and length of rib. Would prefer more length and arch of neck. Coat was quite profuse and softer than I would like and isn’t really enhancing his outline at this stage.
3. Symonds Alfastarsky Hannibal Haz History Bearreraig (Imp Fin)

Post Graduate Dog (1)

1 Kendrick’s Frisco Kiaora at Jeraro (Imp Cze) 21 mth old dark silver who was presented in excellent coat and condition. He is long, low and level although on occasions he did just lose his topline. Strong head, nicely balanced skull to muzzle, strong jaw, ears well set and with plenty of fringing, he has masculinity with elegance. Liked the length and slight crest of neck, shoulder placement, well moulded croup and tailset. Moved well.

Limit Dog (5, 2)

1. Thomson’s Glorfindel Shadow Boxer ShCM. 4yr old dark silver. Strong, masculine dog who is not overdone and needs to be handled to really appreciate his quality. Excellent head properties, enough length of neck, shoulders well placed and laid back, good forechest, depth and length of rib. Strong loin, well moulded croup and correct tailset. Rear angles matching the front, well muscled and providing drive on the move. Movement was fluid and free. Feel there is more to come from this dog and his handler could get more out of him. Best Dog and Best opposite Sex.

2 Large’s Juger Edelweiss Mickey Mouse is Madaza (Imp) 3yr old drop ear who looks silver/cream. He is shown in excellent coat and condition and handled well to get the best out of him. He has a head with good proportions and is well balanced. Ear set correct for a drop. Strongly made his shoulders are well laid back, he could be longer in rib but has a strong loin and holds a firm topline. His hindquarters are strong and his croup well moulded. Has a long back, level topline and moved well.

3 Woodhead’s Knowlespring Drummer Boy

Open Dog (5)

1. Curtis’ Ch Brakemill Barnum ShCM. 6yr old cream. A worthy champion that I have judged before and done him well. He has an excellent head for size, strength and balance, his ear set could be higher but he uses his ear well and they are well fringed. He has sufficient length of neck and well placed and angulated shoulders. Has a good forechest and depth and length of rib. Firm loin, strong well angulated hindquarters. He holds a firm topline both standing and on the move. Movement was free and effortless and he was doing enough to win this class. Today I didn’t feel he had his usual sparkle and he lost out in the challenge. Res Best Dog

2 Hawkes’ Ch Glorfindel Cereal Crunch at Maridale. 6yr old dark silver. Lots to like about this lad and he certainly is long, low and level. Head that is strong and balanced, good ear set. Long neck with slight arch, shoulders well angulated, rib is deep and long, strong loin and holds a firm topline. When he first came into the ring I thought he may be the class winner but unfortunately he was not very settled and his movement was a bit erratic.

3. McLeod’s Juger Edelweiss me Myself And I at Esgia (Imp Est)

Veteran Dog – No entries

Vintage Dog (1)

1.Harrison’s Ir Ch/Ch Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson ShCM 11yr old cream in excellent coat and condition for his age and proving what a long lasting breed, often improving with age, Skyes are. Has a head with good balance and proportions, strong muzzle, long neck, well placed shoulders and a good depth and length of rib. Holds a level, firm topline and has a moulded croup and tail that is correctly set. In profile he possesses the 3L’s – long, low and level, on the move he is just starting to show his age. A worthy champion. Best Vintage

Best Dog: Thomson’s Glorfindel Shadow Boxer ShCM

Res Best Dog: Curtis’ CH Brakemill Barnum ShCM

Best Vintage: Harrison’s Ir CH/CH Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Large’s Parrima Arih Universe of my Fantasy (Imp Rus). What a delightful 7mth old cream, very settled and composed considering it was her 1st show and has a bit of a mischievous glint in her eye. She has good overall body proportions, enough length of back and a firm topline. Her head is developing along the right lines with correct balance skull to muzzle which is strong yet feminine. Felt she has everything you would want in a puppy at this age and just hope that as she matures this continues and she fulfils her potential. Moved with confidence and a free action. One to watch. Best Puppy In Show

2. Reich’s Celticbridge Deepwater. 6mth old silver who was very raw but has a lot of potential. Head of a good length and strong. Has a good length of neck and front developing along the right lines and will hopefully tighten at elbow. Depth of rib fine for her age, rib could be longer and loin could be firmer. She seemed to enjoying giving her handler a hard time and was losing her topline on the stand and her movement was not as fluid as I. Once her handler gets her to settle I’m sure her outline and movement will improve.

Puppy Bitch (3)

1. McKenzie & Scott’s Bearregaig Rubha Sughar at Borcho. An eyecatching 9mth old cream who has good length and is low to ground. Strong head with good width and length of muzzle, strong jaw but retains a feminine look. Well set and fringed ears. Good length of neck, shoulders well laid back, forechest fine for age and length of rib is fine. Strong loin and holds a level topline standing and moving. Lacks some of the confidence of the minor puppy and this showed with a less fluid performance on the move. A lot to like about this girl and she pushed the minor puppy hard in the challenge. Res Best Puppy In Show.

2. Reich’s Celticbridge Deepwater

3. Symonds Bearreraig And Coral Beach

Junior Bitch (2)

1. Parker’s Tweedsmuir Feebee Mine. 17 mth old cream who presents an attractive picture on the stand, being balanced, long, low and level. Has a head which is strong, well proportioned, has strength of muzzle and good ear set which give a feminine, mischievous look. Liked her length of neck, well placed shoulders, tight elbows and is developing a correct forechest. Rib carried well back and with a strong loin. Presented in excellent body condition with a coat of good texture. Movement showed enough of a free, fluid gait. When she matures and is more settled on the move she could be a serious contender for top honours.

2. Shaw’s Tweedsmuir Fancy Free at Stonecellars. Dark silver litter sister to 1. Many of the same comments apply, preferred the overall balance of head on 1, and length of neck. Good front assembly and depth and length of rib. Well moulded croup and correct tailset. Moved well. Again she could be made more of on the stand as she tends to pull back into her neck and looks shorter than she is as a consequence.

Graduate Bitch (4,1)

1. Roberts’ Glorfindel Effort at Sunabil. 23 mth old cream with blackest of ears and mask. An attractive bitch with good length of back and correct height. Had the best head in this class for balance, strength and proportions, strong muzzle and correct bite. Liked her reach of neck and shoulders that are well laid back and well angulated, elbows tight and with good length of rib. Moved well and holding a level topline.

2. Symond’s Salena Sweet Delight at Bearreraig. 3yr old silver who has a good length of neck and body. Head is balanced but not quite the strength of 1. Liked her neck and front assembly but would prefer a longer ribcage and she had a tendency to rise over the loin. On the move her topline was more level and I felt with practice her handler could make more of her.

3. Heaths Perrylands Hello Again

Post Graduate Bitch (5,3)

1. Barrass’ Gallondean Foreign Spirit. 2yr old cream who presents a pleasing picture on the stand and is well presented and handled to get the best from her. Good head, ear set and expression. Strong jaw and correct bite. Well laid back shoulders with good angulation, depth and shape of rib good but could be carried further back, strong loin. Moved well.

2. Heath’s Perrylands Hello Again. Another attractive cream. Today didn’t seem to be her day as in her earlier class she was not holding her topline and was rising over the loin. In this class she held her topline better but still had a slight rise. Liked her head and length of neck. Felt she didn’t have the overall length of 1 who also moved with more confidence to take the class.

Limit Bitch (4,2)

1. Woodhead’s Knowlespring Candy Cane. 2yr old cream of excellent type. On the stand she is long, low and level with a coat that compliments her outline. Has a strong, balanced head with good width of muzzle and well set ears with good fringing giving a typical look. Good length of neck, well laid back shoulders and good forechest. Excellent ribbing, firm loin, well moulded croup and correct tailset. Still some maturing to do and needs to settle on the move but a 1st class quality bitch who challenged hard for Best In Show but lost out to a bitch whose movement was freer and effortless. Res Best In Show

2. Neilson’s Celticbridge Dawn Spangles at Auchenbathie. 6yr old silver. Feminine head with balance skull to muzzle, enough strength and correct bite. Good forequarters and depth of rib. Could be firmer in topline and could lose a few pounds to advantage. Coat of nice texture and quality. Moved OK

Open Bitch (5)

1. Curtis’ Ch Brakemill Briar Rose. 6yr old silver that is a favourite of mine. I feel she brings the standard to life when she is on form. Long, low and level with a good quality coat, well handled and presented. Has a strong but feminine head with correct ear set and good fringing. She flows as you go over her from the length of neck along her firm backline supported by a deep and long ribcage and front angulation matched at the rear. Well moulded croup and correct tailset. Not a glamorous bitch just correct and on the move her conformation enables her to move effortlessly and freely. Had no hesitation in giving her the class and Best In Show.

2. Thomson’s Ch Skyewalkers Ozone Baby at Glorfindel (Imp Dnk) 4yr old cream. Liked her shape and size in profile. Good strength and balance to her head, strong muzzle and teeth. Good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, tight elbows and depth and length of rib. Strong hindquarters and correct tailset. Moved well. Not always showing to her advantage today as she can pull back into her shoulders and show a slight rise over the loin. Movement not as free and effortless as 1 but a worthy champion.

3. McLeod’s Noap Charoit Madlen Mardzheri at Esgia (Imp Rus)

Veteran Bitch – No entries

Vintage Bitch (1,1)

Best Bitch: Curtis’ CH Brakemill Briar Rose

Res Best Bitch: Woodhead’s Knowlespring Candy Cane

Best Puppy Bitch: Large’s Parrima Arih Universe of my Fantasy

Best in Show: Curtis’ CH Brakemill Briar Rose
Res Best In Show: Woodhead’s Knowlespring Candy Cane
Best Opposite Sex: Thomson’s Glorfindel Shadow Boxer ShCM
Best Puppy in Show: Large’s Parrima Arih Universe of my Fantasy
Best Vintage in Show: Harrison’s Ir CH/CH Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson ShCM

Special Beginners Stakes (6,1)

1. Roberts’ Glorfindel Effort at Sunabil
2. Wallace’s Tweedsmuir Flyin High
3. Heath’s Perrylands Hello Again

Mearn Gibson Memorial Health Fund Stakes (10,3)

1. Hawkes’ Ch Glorfindel Cereal Crunch at Maridale
2. Large’s Juger Edelweiss Micky Mouse is Madaza
3. Parker’s Tweedsmuir Feebee Mine

Progeny (1)

1. Smith’s Lam-Baias Mad max at Marrcrieff ShCM.

Brace (1)
1 Woodhead’s Brace. Nicely matched brother and sister.