Open Show 2017

Above: Best in Show McLeod’s Juger Edelweiss Me Myself and I at Esgia

I would like to thank all of you who entered under me. It was a great experience to go over so many Skyes, and I really enjoyed my day. I was super pleased with my winners and I think they were really high quality Skye Terriers.

I found the overall quality very good, actually better than in Finland. Your Skyes are correct sized. They have excellent coats of correct harsh texture. Temperaments were excellent, although there were some who were a bit uncertain in the show ring – however nothing that a bit of ring training won’t fix. Front legs were typical for the breed, so in most cases I did not comment on them in my critiques. Bites were good. Toplines were really good, and my congratulations to you for maintaining good toplines.
However, there were some things I would like breeders to pay attention to:

– Skyes should have a prominent forechest or “keel”. They should not be so narrow in front that a hand hardly fits between the front legs.

– Skyes should not have small, short heads with weak muzzles. They should have a long and a strong head with strength of jaw.

– Skyes should not be short in body which gives them a square appearance. A Skye should be long in body, and the length comes from the ribcage, not from the loin.

– Skyes should be well angulated in both ends.

Puppy Dog

1. Kendrick’s Frisco Kiaora at Jeraro. Long, low and level puppy of excellent size. Lovely head and expression. Super topline. Well angulated in front, OK in rear. Fabulous coat texture. Moved well. Handled and presented very well. A very promising boy, should have a bright future. BP.

Junior Dog

1. Woodhead’s Knowlespring Drummer Boy. Very nice youngster. 3L. Excellent topline. Head could be a shade stronger. Good body. Well muscled. Super coat. Lovely colour and pigmentation. Just needs to settle on the move.

Graduate Dog

1. Herbert’s Tweedsmuir Stargazer. Good proportions. Nice head. Could have a bit straighter front legs. Very nice coat. Needs to body up, a bit thin today. A bit erratic on the move.

Post Graduate Dog

1. Tweedsmuir Stargazer.

Limit Dog

1. McLeod’s Juger Edelweiss Me Myself And I at Esgia. Good strong head. Correct drop ears. Super proportions. This dog is really long, low and level as the standard asks for. Excellent body. Plenty of coat, correct texture. Moved well. The one I’d like to take home with me! Best Dog & BIS.

2. Burscough’s Glorfindel Shadow Boxer ShCM. A bit taller than #1. Lovely head. Needs a bit more substance. Well angulated. Great coat. Moved OK.

3. Large’s Juger Edelweiss Mickey Mouse is Madaza

Open Dog

1. Marshall’s Emoticon Kiaora Glorfindel. A very nice, balanced dog. Head could be a bit stronger. Nice body. Very good coat. Level topline standing and moving. Moved very well. Expertly presented.

2. Hawkes’ CH Glorfindel Cereal Crunch at Maridale. Lovely proportions. The longest and lowest dog in this class. A bit nervous on the move which affected his topline. Super coat quality. Good masculine head. Good body. Lost to #1 because he did not want to show today.

3. Curtis’ CH Brakemill Barnum

Veteran Dog

1. Harrison’s IR CH/CH Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson. Lovely 10 year old boy in great condition. Long, low and level. Super body. Fantastic coat. Well angulated. Moved very well for his age, a bit wide in front. Res Best Dog & BV.

2. Burscough’s Glorfindel Secret Shadow at Kilfinan ShCM. Nice boy. Could have a bit stronger and longer head. Good body. Excellent coat. Moved well. In great condition, a credit to his owner.

Puppy Bitch

1. Roberts’ Glorfindel Effort at Sunabil. A very lovely puppy. So well proportioned. Good body for age. Sweet head. So well angulated in front and rear. Good coat coming. A very promising puppy. Should go far. BOS Puppy.

2. Heath’s Perrylands Hello Again. Nice puppy. Long, low and level. Very harsh coat. Could be better angulated in the rear. Needs a lot of time to mature but a nice exhibit.

3. Hawkes’ Glorfindel Embrace to Maridale.

Junior Bitch

1. Woodhead’s Knowlespring Candy Cane. Lovely bitch. Excellent size and proportions. Super topline. Great coat. Very feminine all over. Just needs to settle on the move. A really promising youngster. Res Best Bitch.

2. Roberts’ Glorfindel Effort at Sunabil.

3. Barrass’ Gallondean Foreign Spirit. Lovely young bitch, a bit higher on leg than #1 and #2. Could be better angulated in the rear. Sweet head. Very nice coat. Nice colour and pigmentation. Moved OK.

4. Heath’s Perrylands Hello Again.

Graduate Bitch

1. Zvezdina’s Juger Edelweiss Mary Poppins. A bigger girl in excellent coat and condition. Very good pigmentation. Clear cream coat of excellent length. Nice feminine head. A bit wide set ears. Level topline. Moved with enthusiasm. Very well presented.

2. Downes’ Tweedsmuir Star Wonder among Tsuki. Nicely proportioned bitch. Feminine head. Could be better angulated in the rear. Excellent harsh coat. Moved OK.

Limit Bitch

1. McLeod’s Noap Charoit Madlen Mardzheri at Esgia. Excellent size and proportions. Lovely feminine head. Good body. Lovely coat. Very attractive colour. Moved very well. I liked her very much.

2. Burscough’s Glorfindel Shadow Wings at Kilfinan. Very nice girl in perfect coat. Feminine head. Good front. Good body. Just a bit soft topline on the move.

Open Bitch

1. Curtis’ CH Brakemill Briar Rose. Strong bitch. Lovely all over. So sound. Excellent strong head. Super body. Excellent coat. Moved really well. Best Bitch. Res BIS & BOS.

2. Marshall’s CH Skyewalker’s Ozone Baby at Glorfindel. A shade smaller than #1. Excellent proportions. Level topline. Head could be a bit longer and stronger for me. Nice colour and pigmentation. Excellent coat. Moved very well.

3. Barrass’ CH Lavaux Spirit of the Isle of Gallondean ShCM.

Best in Show: McLeod’s Juger Edelweiss Me Myself and I at Esgia (Imp Est)

Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex: Curtis’ Ch Brakemill Briar Rose

Best Puppy in Show: Kendrick’s Frisco Kiaora at Jeraro (Imp Cze)

Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Roberts’ Glorfindel Effort at Sunabil

Best Veteran: Harrison’s Ir Ch/Ch Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson ShCM

Class 19 Special Beginners in memory of Mrs Kathleen Gaughan (2 entries)

1st-Roberts’ Glorfindel Effort at Sunabil

2nd-Downes’ Tweedsmuir Star Wonder Among Tsuki
Class 20 Mearn Gibson Memorial Health Fund Stakes (8 entries)

1st-Curtis’ Ch Brakemill Barnum ShCM

2nd-Large’s Juger Edelweiss Mickey Mouse is Madaza (Imp)

3rd-Burscough’s Glorfindel Shadow Wings at Kilfinan


Hanna Granlund (Judge)

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