Results: Open Show 2014

Skye Terrier Open Show (2014)

Judge: Mrs Chris Burscough (Kilfinan)

I was sincerely honoured to win the ballot for this year’s show; I was really looking forward to it and despite being bitten by a bug which rendered me nearly voiceless I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I was made most welcome by a friendly committee and looked after admirably all day by my two stewards, Sarah and Josie, who kept me well in line. The venue was just right; big enough to allow room for a good sized ring with plenty of room for spectators and their dogs.

I adore this breed and cannot imagine why they are on the vulnerable breeds list. The Committee and members of the Skye Terrier Club should be congratulated on their unfailing commitment to this breed and the amount of work they do to bring them to the public’s attention.

Breeders too should also be congratulated on the improvement in temperament of this breed and it was a joy to witness the happy gathering of all the dogs at the end of the show for a group photograph.

Overall I found some quality exhibits; there were no major faults and all the dogs were presented clean and well groomed. There were a few who obviously enjoyed some fine dining and this did affect their placing and there were some who were just not really in the mood. In some classes I was nit picking and I am sure they would change places on another day. My main concern was length of rib which is essential in a long backed dog. The length should come from the ribcage not the loin and I did find a fair few who would benefit from a slightly longer length of rib. That said I am not in favour of fault judging and my main criteria is to assess the overall picture.

Thank you to the exhibitors for accepting my placings with good sportsmanship; you know you all take the best dog home!

Minor Puppy Dog (no entries)

Puppy Dog (4)

1. Miller’s Feorlig Really Wicked. 11mth silver with a masculine outlook. Excellent head properties with strong correct bite. Well constructed all through, with nothing to dislike. Very strong and well-conditioned for age. Good in forehand construction and well ribbed with strong straight hindquarters. Really liked his balance, held his topline on the move and standing with excellent tail carriage and not overdone in any way. Moved out well in accord with handler.I am sure this lad will have a very bright future. BPD and BPIS.

2. King’s Fun and Games at Celticbridge. 10mth old cream with lots to like. Not quite as strong in head as first at the moment. Another who was well made throughout having a well fitting forehand and good forechest, correct shaped rib and level topline. In excellent coat and condition with strong hindquarters and good tail carriage. Did nothing wrong, just unfortunate to come up against the first in such good order today. Should do well.

3. Mcleod’s Esgia Murray’s Olympic Gold.

Junior Dog (2)

1. Bailey’s Talyot Nimrod by Marjayne. 17mth cream who really impressed for his overall condition. Slightly different type to the puppies. Long strong head piece, just needs fringes to complete the picture but these will come. Good bite, arched neck with well set front and excellent length and depth of rib lending itself to dead level topline held standing and moving. Well held tail enhanced the outline on the move. Another who should do well.

2. McLeod’s Esgia Murray’s Olympic Gold. Mischievous 10 mth black in gleaming coat . Nice lad, very promising with good head properties. Everything in place but just needs to come together which it will with maturity. Excellent length and can move but not yet settled to the job.  Tail held gaily detracts from his many virtues. Once settled to the job will be eyecatching.

Graduate Dog (1)

McFadden & Slack’s Celticbridge Mist on Skye. 21mth silver who, I was told, was attending his first show and as such coped remarkably well. This lad had a good strong head with correct bite and dark eye; his well fringed ears completed the picture. Enough neck and well laid shoulder with tight fitting elbows. Good forechest and well held topline. More compact in type and would maybe benefit from a little extra length but moved well enough and was in great coat and condition.

Post Graduate Dog (3)

1. Marshall’s Emoticon Kiaora Glorfindel (Imp Cze) . 22mth cream who took the eye for his balanced outline and confidence on the move. Super head and expression, strong jaw and dark eye. Very black points and ears well fringed. Good length of neck leading to strong forequarters, shoulders well set with good depth and length of rib. Powerful hindquarters, strong loin, well moulded croup and correct tail set. Balanced throughout with excellent topline held standing and moving. Moving fluidly with purpose in such accord with his handler couldn’t fail to impress. Coat just needs to settle and clear. With maturity should do well. RBD.

Limit Dog (1)

1. Parker’s Glorfindel Deacon Brodie. Rising 3 years, dark silver who is long, low and level with a long, strong head, excellent bite and dark eye. Well set ears, good reach of neck, well set forequarters with deep chest and balanced rear. Coat just needs to finish.To be picky would like a little more body and length of rib T his lad has confidence to spare and a great personality but his sense of fun today did nothing to help his handler who was struggling with a damaged wrist. Have seen him perform to a higher standard.

Open Dog (8, 2abs)

What a super class, I was privileged to have the chance to handle so many lovely dogs.

1. Curtis’ Brakemill Barnum. Cream and at just 2 years old shows maturity beyond his years. This dog has consistently caught my eye from the ringside so it was a privilege to have the opportunity of judging him. He has a head to die for. So masculine with strong muzzle and bite, dark eye and well set beautifully fringed ears. Adequate length of neck, excellent front assembly with deep chest and well placed shoulders. Muscular, well turned hindquarters, would like a little extra length of rib but his strong loin ensures a level topline at all times with correct tailset and moulded croup. A top quality dog who cannot fail to have a very bright future. As with the PG winner his movement sets him apart, so fluid, purposeful and in such accord with his handler he couldn’t fail to please. BD and RBIS. I am sure his title cannot be far away.

2. White’s Talyot Menelaus at Gumshoe. Black, rising 4 years old. Another I have admired from the ringside and he did not disappoint on closer inspection. Long, low and level, he is well balanced with no exaggerations. Head handles well, not quite the masculinity of the 1st but lots to like. Excellent length of neck, well set front assembly with deep chest, strong hindquarters and excellent tail set. Moves well with well carried tail and in excellent condition.

3. Richardson’s Talyot Learchus Sh CM.

Veteran Dog (4, 2abs)

1. Ankorn’s Feorlig True Destiny of Pensford. Cream, rising 8 years old who belies his years. Nothing to dislike, this dog is all of a piece, balanced and such good condition he couldn’t fail to attract. Good head qualities and reach of neck, front assembly strong and well fitting, deep chest and good length of rib well moulded croup and good tail set. Moved well holding firm topline with correct tail carriage. In good coat and performed well to take BVD and BVIS.

2. Grainger’s Ch. Perrylands Ambassador. Cream, rising 9 years old with the most beautiful clear colour to his coat. Good headpiece with correct bite, dark eye and well set ears. Adequate length of neck, decent length and well moulded croup. Balanced fore and aft with correct tail set, just lost out on condition which unfortunately affected his movement and caused him to lose his topline.

Vintage Dog (3, 2abs)

1. Barraclough’s Ch. Skyeott’s Midnight Majesty at Wemoway. 10 year old black drop ear who is still in good condition although just losing his topline a little now. Very strongly made and with excellent length he is built to do a day’s work. Excellent head qualities, well set ears , good length of neck and strong muscular forehand, good rib and balanced hindquarters . Tailset just a little high for me which affects the outline on the move, however a worthy Ch. who has matured well.

Best Dog: Curtis’ Brakemill Barnum ShCM
Reserve Best Dog: Marshall’s Emoticon Kiaora Glorfindel (Imp Cze)
Best Puppy Dog: Miller’s Feorlig Really Wicked


Minor Puppy Bitch (no entries).
Puppy Bitch (4, 1abs)

Nice class of puppies with 3 just losing out on maturity.

1. Miller’s Feorlig Romantica. 11mths silver with such promise. A feminine version of her brother who won Puppy Dog. Excellent head and bite, well balanced and with strength without losing feminity. Like her brother just needs her ear fringes which will develop with age. Good length of neck leading to well constructed forehand with excellent forechest for age. Good length of rib with well moulded croup and excellent tail set which meant she couldn’t fail to hold a super outline on the move. In hard condition and cooperating well with her handler. Just preferred the balance of the dog in the challenge but could change places on another day. BPB and RBPIS. What a super litter!

2. McLeod’s Esgia Andi’s Wimbledon Dream . Cheeky 10 mth dark silver with lots of character who just needs to come together and settle to the job. Everything there, very promising, excellent proportions and lovely coat for age but just waiting for maturity to bring it all together. Not fully cooperating on the move but was able to see glimpses of movement which holds promise.

Junior Bitch (4)

First 3 were litter sisters and will probably change places many times throughout their careers.

1. Richardson’s Talyot Nalani. 17mth cream whose coat will clear with age. Very similar to winner of Junior dog who I discovered was her litter brother but thought this one of the 3 sisters was the most like him and, like him, was in tip top condition which gave her the edge particularly when moving. Feminine but workmanlike head with correct bite, good length of neck and excellent front assembly with well developed forechest. Good length and depth of rib and correct croup and tailset. Moved out well retaining her super outline.

2. Richardson’s Talyot Nyree . 17 mth dark silver in gleaming coat . Slightly larger throughout and with similar qualities but not as mature in body . Still feminine and well made, attractive head and expression, good length of neck and well proportioned body . Not as coordinated on the move as 1.

3. Richardson’s Talyot Nynniaw.

Graduate Bitch (4)

1. Richardson’s Talyot Nalani
2. Richardson’s Talyot Nyree
3. Richardson’s Talyot Nynniaw

Post Graduate Bitch (5)

1. White’s Gumshoe Silent Witness. 20mth black gleaming with condition. This one is maturing along the right lines and creates a good impression. She has a lovely head and expression with very dark eye and well set and fringed ears. Very good length of neck, balanced fore and aft, with depth and length of rib she held her topline level both standing and moving with correct tail carriage. Moved out well from all angles.

2. Richardson’s Talyot Nalani.
3. Richardson’s Talyot Talyot Nyree.

Limit Bitch (2)

1. Barrass’ Gallondean Lavaux Spirit of the Isle of Gallondean Sh CM. 3 year old black approaching full maturity. Another with a gleaming coat. I was interested to have the opportunity to have hands on experience of this bitch as I have watched her from puppy. Pleased to see she hasn’t grown too big and her topline has settled . Was very impressed with her overall soundness, condition and balance. Super head, long, strong yet retaining femininity. Well fringed ears and the darkest of eyes. Well constructed front with good shoulder placement and tight fitting elbows. Good depth of rib carried well back with correctly held tail, she moved out with fluid strides and with purpose to take this class and RBB.

2. King’s Celticbridge Spring Magic. 7 year old cream with attractive headpiece and good bite. Good length to this bitch and she was in good coat . She has a well constructed forehand and decent rear however she was a little overweight which did nothing to help her topline. Moving out well but tail a little gay on the move detracts from her outline.

Open Bitch (6, 1 abs)

Another super class and some difficult decisions. Overall quality very good so I was nit picking and the placings were down to performance on the day.

1. Barraclough’s Ch/Su Ch. Skeotts Amnesix High Sky Miracle of Wemoway. 6 year old dark silver drop ear who never put a paw wrong. Another I have admired from the ringside. I am sure her many attributes have been recorded many times. She impressed me for her overall balance both standing and in motion. She is feminine but has the workmanlike power needed to do the job she was bred for. Super head with strong muzzle and correct bite. My hands flowed over her muscular neck of correct length and broad well fitting shoulders. Good length and depth of rib and muscular hindquarters. Well moulded croup with correct tail set. Moved out smoothly, actively and with precision from all angles and in complete accord with her handler. Delighted to award her BB and BIS.

2. Curtis’ Brakemill Briar Rose. 2 year old silver who cannot fail to catch the eye. Super head and expression, good reach of neck, excellent front assembly, well laid back shoulder with deep chest and good length of rib, correct powerful hindquarters and well set and carried tail. In super condition this one couldn’t fail to move well and she did. Powered around the ring with excellent front reach holding her outline at all times in total accord with her handler. Just lost out on maturity in challenge for RBB, coat needs to finish to complete the picture. No doubt this one will attain her title.

3. Woodhead’s Ch. Knowlespring Mistletoe.

Veteran Bitch (4, 2abs)

1. Shuttleworth’s Perrylands Stroller cum Wicheeta. Silver, rising 9 years old and holding her years well. Good head and bite, adequate length of neck and good shoulder placement. Well moulded croup and well set tail which she carried correctly on the move. Lively action, showed well, just carrying a little too much weight today which affected her topline.

2. King’s Celticbridge Spring Magic.

Vintage Bitch (2)

1. Barrass’ Ch. Gallondean Charlie’s Angel Sh CM. Dark silver 12 year old who is top size but has everything in proportion. Very strong and powerful has a super head and expression, good reach of neck and excellent front assembly. Deep chest and ribcage long and well sprung. Strong loin, muscular hindquarters and good tail set. In great coat and condition for age, still maintains a dead level topline. Her owner should be commended for keeping her in good form. A little stately on the move but won on her sound construction today.

2. Grainger’s Perryland’s Oklahoma. 11 year old cream . Another from this kennel with a beautiful clear coat. Attractive head properties and good bite. Well made throughout and very sprightly for age but just losing her topline on the move.

Best Bitch: Barracloughs’ Ch Such Skyeotts Amnesix High Skye Miracle at Wemoway (Imp)
Reserve Best Bitch: Barrass’ Lavaux Spirit of the Isle of Gallondean ShCM
Best Puppy Bitch: Miller’s Feorlig Romantica 


Best In Show: Barracloughs’ Ch Such Skyeotts Amnesix High Skye Miracle at Wemoway (Imp)
Reserve Best in Show: Curtis’ Brakemill Barnum ShCM
Best Puppy In Show: Miller’s Feorlig Really Wicked
Best Veteran In Show: Ankorn’s Feorlig True Destiny of Pensford


Stakes (Class 5, 2 abs)

1. Barrass’ Lavaux Spirit of the Isle of Gallondean .

2. Parker’s Gorfindel Deacon Brodie.

3. Shuttleworth’s Perrylands Stroller cum Wicheeta.

Brace (6, 1 abs)

What a super class.

1. Harrison’s Ch Papplewick Knockando for Trenson ShCM / Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson. A matching pair of creams ,father and son, won on type and their strong performance , moving in complete harmony with each other and their handler. A very polished performance.

2. Shuttleworth’s Wicheeta Celtic Keepsake Sh CM/ Wicheeta Celtic Crusader . Pushing very hard two silver litter brothers, again moving well and in accord with their handler.

3. Richardson’s Talyot Nalani/Talyot Nynniaw.