Championship show results 2021



Thank you to the Officers, Committee and Members for honouring me with this prestigious appointment. I was delighted with the entry and thoroughly enjoyed my time judging. Thank you too, to the exhibitors, the ring was not made available for us until 3.45pm which meant we all had to drive home in the dark. I had deliberately avoided involvement with the breed for 3 years, I wanted to see the skyes with fresh eyes. Previously I had concerns regarding height and heads, hoping that quantity would not overtake quality, I was pleased that quality today was oozing, in spades! All the skyes were temperamentally sound, I found no health Issues, well done everyone. Special thanks must go to Robyn, my very able steward.

Class 3 Junior Dog 3 (1)

  1. Moore Dr & Mrs N : Gacrux for Larelkie Bohemia Coko – a smart young man who moved with drive, good outline, very promising.
  2. Barrass M:  Sunabil Tywysog o’Libanus of Gallondean – correct head and muzzle, level outline, standing and moving.

Class 4  Yearling Dog 2 (1)

  1. Turner O :  Knowlespring Quincy – attractive yd, no coarseness, moved out well with drive.

Class 5  Graduate Dog 4 (1)

  1. Grimshaw Mr G & Mrs J.A : Kilfinan Gail’s Legacy at Jamalison – strong young dog, correct prick earset, long, strode out with purpose, attractive outline.
  2. Heath Mrs R : Lavaux’s Bahamian Chris – strong head, chest and rear, in good coat.
  3. Robertson Miss T & Shuttleworth J : Whicheeta Walk the Walk

Class 6  Post Graduate Dog 3 

  1. Volkova Mrs A. : Gold Monarh Elrond for Veruamicus – strong muzzle, powerful head, gd dark eye, gd deep chest, moved out well.
  2. Mason Mrs J : Bhatairnis Fasach – dk grey, strong head, no exaggerations, gd deep chest, powerful rear, little erratic on the move.
  3. Shuttleworth Ms J: Whicheeta Total Eclipse

Class 7 Limit Dog 3

  1. Miller Miss K F & Ryan Mr E L : Flannagan Energizer at Feorlig – Outstanding in outline and did not disappoint on the move. cream d of quality, long and low, slight crest to neck, deep chest, short loin.  Flowed around the ring, a dog of great presence. DCC, BIS
  2. Bamford Mr S& Mrs K: Whicheeta One For The Road – Strong blk.d. long and low, good deep chest, level topline, strode out well.
  3. Mason Mrs J: Bhatairnis Fasach

Class 8 Open Dog 3 ( 2)

  1. Pringle T: Ch Esgia The Exciseman – striking d level topline standing and moving, strongly built, good deep chest, well placed shoulders, strong rear drive. RDCC, RBIS
  2. Kendrick Mrs J E : Ch Frisco Kiaora ( IMP CZE) – This d is a wonderful active ambassador for the breed, blk. Strong head, correct prick ears, gd neck into laid back shoulders, strong, well muscled rear, gd drive. One of my favourites.
  3. Whincup S: Partisky Precious Moment

Class 10 Vintage Dog 1

  1. Parker Mrs C: Glorfindel Deacon Brodie SHCM VW – Strong blk d , ex head, good  perfect bite, short and muscular forelegs, a handsome d. In good harsh coat. BVintIS

Dog CC:  Miller Miss K F & Ryan Mr E L : Flannagan Energizer at Feorlig

Reserve DCC: Pringle T: Ch Esgia The Exciseman

Class 12 Puppy Bitch 1

  1. Barrass Mrs M: Tarskavaig Speed Bonny Boat To Gallondean – This puppy took my breath away, one for top honours. Long, low, alert, super ear carriage, gleaming coat, ex temperament, everything just as it should be at this young age.  BPIB

Class 13 Junior Bitch 2 (1)

  1. Heath Mrs R: Skyeshire Rosie – Feminine grey b just out of puppy. Long and low, correct height to length, deep chest, pretty head, good muzzle, correct bite, good ear furnishings and coat.

Class 14 Yearling Bitch 3 (2)

  1. Bancroft P:Kometa Rossi Julejka – pretty cream with black points. Feminine head with dark eye, good muzzle, correct clean bite, slight crest to neck, level topline, strong rear quarters, good rear drive, alert and in very good coat for age.

Class 15 Graduate Bitch 6 (3)

  1. Burscough Mr& Mrs A: Kilfinan Nightingail – Feminine head, good dark eye, correct bite, laid back shoulders, straight front legs, topline level moving and standing, alert earset, gd coat. Correct size.
  2. Large Miss S D : Parrima-Arih Invalauble Fascination is Madaza (IMP RUS) – swept into the ring, gd length to height, pretty b. slight crest to neck into good shoulders, moved with gd rear drive, ex.temperament.
  3. Gracie M: Elnath Bohemia Coko with Celebros

Class 16 Post Graduate Bitch 1

  1. Bearreraig Isle Na H-Airde with Celebros – Dk grey in good coat, long and low, strong straight front legs, gd rear movement, no courseness or exaggeration anywhere. Nice b.

Class 17 Limit Bitch 5 

  1. Duncan Mrs L.J: Veruamicus Ambosia of Kyloran – Feminine b of quality. Gd strong head, earset correct,  deep chest, harsh profuse coat, gd drive at rear, a picture moving and standing. BCC, BOS
  2. Baker Mrs & Miss J : Annabell from Waringham Castle to Silverbriar (IMP GER) – nother top class b. in gd coat, level topline, gd height to length. Positive rear movement, alert earset.
  3. Large Miss S D: Parrima-Arih Universe of my Fantasy is Madaza (IMP RUS)
  4. Grainger Mrs G: Perrylands Bentara
  5. Pringle T : Esgia First and Fairest

Class 18 Open Bitch 8(5)

  1. Barrass Mrs M: Gallondean Foreign Spirit SHCM SHCE – blk. B in excellent condition. Strong but feminine head, well laid shoulders, gd deep chest, clean rear drive, short loin.
  2. Bailey Miss M: Celticbridge Ocean Belle at Marjayn – LLL super cream with black points. Held topline standing and moving,  strong rear movement, gd short loin. gd temperament, worked well with handler.
  3. Parker Mrs C: Tweedsmuir GFeebee be Mine SHCM

Class 19  Veteran Bitch 3 (1)

  1. Burscough Mr&Mrs A: Ch Glorfindel Shadow Wings At Kilfinan SHCM – 7yo dk silver b, true to type, LLL , feminine head, all in proportion, gd earset/fringing. Strong reach of rear drive, a picture. RBCC, BVetIS
  2. Volkova Mrs A: Ch Juger Edelweiss Mary Poppins (IMP EST) SHCM – Elegant b strong head/skull, ears set well, deep chest, strong front legs, abundant coat, moved well with good rear drive. Presented and handled well.

Bitch CC:  Mrs L Duncan: Veruamicus Ambrosia of Kyloran

Reserve Bitch CC: Mr & Mrs A Burscough: Ch Glorfindel Shadow Wings at Kilfinan SHCM

Best Puppy Bitch: Mrs M Barrass: Tarskavaig Speed Bonny Boat To Gallondean

Class 21 Mearn Gibson Memorial Members’ health Fund Stakes Dog or Bitch 13 (8)

  1. Large Miss S D: Parrima-Artih Universe of My Fantasy is Madaza (IMP RUS)
  2. Heath Mrs R: Skyeshire Rosie
  3. Gracie M: Bearreraig Isle Na H-Airde with Celebros
  4. BamfordMr&Mrs S&K: Whicheeta One for The Road
  5. Parker Mrs C: Tweedsmuir Feebee Mine SHCM


Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge these valuable classes, sadly due to the delay in judging more than half my entry had left. Thank you to those who entered & give me the chance & privilege to go over your dogs.

Due to this being very late & a long day for many the dogs were also feeling tired so could change places on a different day due to performance.

Class A Junior Dog or Bitch 4 (3)

  1. Barrass Mrs M : Sunabil Tywysog o’Libanus – stood alone but a quality young male with lots of potential. Pleasing head will correct neck & front proportions, developing well in body, correct in top line, ribs oval & deep with desired short loin, in good coat & presented well, tail well set & carried, nice straight rear. Moved free fore & aft.

Class B Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 9 (4)

  1. Robertson Miss T & Shuttleworth Ms J: Whicheeta Walk the Walk – still a fairly young male with an impressive out line on table, lovely head with correct eye & ear sets, in excellent body, good top line & moving free with ease & minimum effort, not in profuse coat but was  of correct texture, stands firm behind & tail carried well
  2. Large Miss S.D : Parrima-Arih Invaluable Fascination is Madaza(IMP RUS) – also fairly young this b was not as settled on table, has good body & desirable head, crested neck & in good body condition, moved steady, correct double coat of good textures
  3. Turner O: Knowlespring Quincy
  4. Gracie M.:Elnath Bohemia Coko with Celebros
  5. Shuttleworth Ms J: Whicheeta Total Eclipse

Class C Open Dog or Bitch

  1. Pringle T: Ch Esgia the Exciseman – just under 4 yr old male, not a big dog but excellent profile, classic in head & eye, well placed ears, crested neck leading to lovely shoulder set, in perfect body & coat condition, excels on the move, no exaggerations, strong well set quarters & correct carriage of well set tail, correct feet. Most worthy of his title
  2. Bamford Mr& Mrs S&K : Whicheeta One for The Road – mature b but still can hold her own, lovely head eye & ear, in excellent body & has not gone heavy, correct top line & moving well, stands correctly & not over done in any way, those behind were slightly less animated by this time
  3. Large Miss SD: Parrima -Arih Universe of My Fantasy is Madaza (IMP RUS)
  4. Parker Mrs C: Tweedsmuir Feebee Mine
  5. Volkova Mrs A: Gold Monarh Elrond for Veruamicus

Best in show: Flanagan Energizer at Feorlig (IMP SVK)

Reserve Best in show: Ch Esgia The Exciseman

Best Opposite Sex: Verumamicus Ambrosia of Kyloran

Best Puppy in Show: Tarskavaig Speed Bonny Boat to Gallondean

Best Veteran in show: Ch Glorfindel Shadow Wings at Kilfinan SHCM

Best Vintage in show: Glorfindel Deacon Brodie SHCM VW