Championship Show 2023

Skye Terrier Club Championship Show 2023
Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall
23 September 2023

Judge: Nicky Bower (Kirkleyditch)

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to the STC for inviting me to judge the Championship show, it has been an honour. Even though I have not been around the ring for some time it was nice to see a
good turnout of Skyes on the day. Secondly it was lovely to see lots of new faces in the breed as well as people I have known and have grown up around, still showing.

Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog (0 entries)

Class 2 Puppy Dog (0 entries)

Class 3 Junior Dog (2 entries): 1st-(13) Herbert’s Riskerytree Dave’s Allan, Nice cream dog with a good skull and strong muzzle. Nice expression, good ear placement. Nice overall outline, well bodied, long and level moved well with a steady gait;

2nd-(34) Taylors’ Riskerytree Ruaridh at Billkenstar, litter brother to 1. Dark silver dog with a strong headnand good expression, dark eye, correct bite: little unsettled on the move

Class 4 Yearling Dog (0 entries)

Class 5 Graduate Dog (2 entries): 1st-(18) Lyne’s Madaza Box of Frogs, Cream Drop ear, more mature than 2. Dark eye, correct bite. Correct ear placement and super expression. Good reach of neck leading into good shoulders, well bodied. In good coat. Classic drop temperament. Moved well around the well-presented;

2nd-(14) Herbert’s Riskerytree Raven Wing, black dog with strong head and muzzle with dark eye. Lovely expression when using his ears in good coat. Appeared a little anxious on the move.

Class 6 Post Graduate Dog (2 entries): 1st-(18) Lyne’s Madaza Box of Frogs;

2nd-(6) De Leie’s Verumamicus Cicero with Castrumskye, cream, with a super head and expression, good ear placement with plenty of fringing and pigmentation. Nice depth of muzzle and length of skull.

Class 7 Limit Dog (5 entries, 3 absent): 1st-(39) Turner’s Knowlespring Quincy ShCEx, nice cream, lovely head, good eye. Plenty of fringing on the ears. Nice expression, level topline, moved freely;

2nd-(21) McLeods’ Esgia Glen Garioch, Dark silver, dark eye, correct bite, lovely expression when using his ears. Level and low with a nice outline. Moved steadily around the ring. Happy disposition in good

Class 8 Open Dog (5 entries, 3 absent): 1st-(10) Heaths’ Lavaux’s Bahamian Chris, dark silver, lovely dog who is well balanced. Super head and expression. dark eye, correct bite, nicely proportioned skull, lovely reach of neck leading into good shoulder placement and length of rib, 3 L’s . Moved beautifully around the ring with the air of “look at me”. Dog CC, BOS;

2nd-(32) Sandersons’ Esgia Highland Laddie, dark silver dog, with a lovely head and expression, dark eye, correct bite. Nice reach of neck. moved well in the ring. Maintains his topline on the move

Class 9 Veteran Dog (2 entries, 1 absent): 1st-(17) Kendrick’s Ch Frisco Kiaora at Jeraro (Imp Cze), dark silver with a super head and expression. Still in super condition for his age, well bodied and in good proportion, good reach of neck. Moved with drive. Lovely overall outline. Res CC, BV

Class 10 Vintage Dog (0 entries)

Dog CC: (10) Heaths’ Lavaux’s Bahamian Chris

Dog Reserve CC: (17) Kendrick’s Ch Frisco Kiaora at Jeraro (Imp Cze)

Best Puppy Dog: ()   

Class 11 Minor Puppy Bitch (0 entries)

Class 12 Puppy Bitch (1 entry): 1st-(16) Holt’s Coriend Let’s Do Justice, cream Very feminine young lady. In good proportions. Lovely expression and feminine head, dark eye, good bite. Ears in correct placement, lovely reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Long and level, moved well. Well-handled and presented. BP

Class 13 Junior Bitch (3 entries, 1 absent): 1st-(15) Herbert’s Riskerytree The Magpie, black lovely young lady with a good head, correct ear placement, lovely reach of neck, long and level. Little unsettled on the move and on the table. Well presented;

2nd-(7) Fooks’ Silverbriar Isabelle, Dark Silver, with a feminine head, dark eye and correct bite, good ear placement. Fun loving young lady who had quite a lot to say for herself whilst moving, needs a little time to settle in the ring

Class 14 Yearling Bitch (2 entries): 1st-(9) Heale’s Rhoderns Helena, cream, very pretty young lady with a super head, dark eye, correct bite. Lovely ear placement, very feminine, in super proportion, good reach of neck leading into good shoulder placement, good length of rib and loin, moved effortlessly in the ring. BCC, BIS;

2nd-(40) Whitelam’s Madaza Star, cream bitch, dark eye, correct bite, pretty head, lovely reach of neck, level topline and in good proportion. Quite immature to 1. well handled and presented

Class 15 Graduate Bitch (1 entry): 1st-(8) Hamilton’s Headscrook Heads or Tails, silver bitch with a super head, good ear carriage, dark eye. Little unsettled on the move

Class 16 Post Graduate Bitch (3 entries, 1 withdrawn): 1st-(11) Heaths’ Skyeshire Rosie, cream, lovely young bitch who is well coated, good texture, Super feminine head, great ear placement. Lovely fringing’s, dark eye, correct bite. Well bodied up, moved well going away but a little distracted on the return. RCC RBIS This young lady has a promising future, look forward to seeing her progress;

2nd-(25) O’Rourke’s Borcho Skoosh of Struanmore, cream bitch with a pretty head, good pigmentation, dark eye, lovely disposition, well bodied, moved with drive

Class 17 Limit Bitch (4 entries, 2 absent): 1st-(4) Curtis’ Brakemill Midsummer Dream JW, dark silver, pretty expression, dark eye, good ear placement, nice reach of neck, moved well with drive, well presented and handled;

2nd-(23) McLeods’ Esgia Lone Wolf, dark silver, lovely head and expression, well fringed ears, dark eye, correct bite, long and level carried herself steadily around the ring.

Class 18 Open Bitch (5 entries, 2 absent): 1st-(26) O’Rourke’s Esgia Glen Scotia of Borcho, cream bitch, correct pigmentation, dark eye, correct bite. Well coated and well bodied, moved with drive. Lovely outline on the move long and level. Beautifully presented and handled;

2nd-(5) Curtis’ Ch Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill JW, cream with good pigmentation, dark eye, correct bite, good reach of neck, lovely expression, moved well. Well handled and presented;

3rd-(27) Parker’s Tweedsmuir Feebee Mine ShCM

Class 19 Veteran Bitch (3 entries, 1 absent): 1st-(12) Heaths’ Perrylands Hello Again, Lovely cream bitch, in super coat for her age. Very feminine head, super ear carriage, dark eye, correct bite, moved well. Well handled and presented;

2nd-(24) McLeods’ Noap Charoit Madlen Mardzheri at Esgia (Imp Rus), Pale silver bitch also in supercoat for her age. Lovely head and expression. Very steady on the move.

Class 20 Vintage Bitch (0 entries)

Bitch CC: (9) Heale’s Rhoderns Helena

Bitch Reserve CC: (11) Heaths’ Skyeshire Rosie

Best Puppy Bitch: (16) Holt’s Coriend Let’s Do Justice

Best in Show: (9) Heale’s Rhoderns Helena

Reserve Best in Show: (11) Heaths’ Skyeshire Rosie

Best Opposite Sex: (10) Heaths’ Lavaux’s Bahamian Chris

Best Puppy in Show: (16) Holt’s Coriend Let’s Do Justice

Reserve Best Puppy in Show: ()   

Best Opposite Sex Puppy: ()   

Best Veteran in Show: (17) Kendrick’s Ch Frisco Kiaora at Jeraro (Imp Cze)

Class 21 Mearn Gibson Memorial Members Health Fund Stakes (9 entries, 3 absent, 2 withdrawn): 1st-(10) Heaths’ Lavaux’s Bahamian Chris; 2nd-(40) Whitelam’s Madaza Star; 3rd-(32) Sandersons’ Esgia Highland Laddie; Res-(6) De Leie’s Verumamicus Cicero with Castrumskye

Special Award Classes – Judge: Mark Ord (Marnadee)

Class A Junior Dog or Bitch (4 entries, 1 absent): 1st-(13) Herbert’s Riskerytree Dave’s Allan, young male with good strength of jaw, correct head shape with well placed eye & ears, clean & strong in neck with good body proportions, top & under lines clean & well held at all times, correct feet, in good coat & condition, moved soundly fore & aft with pleasing profile side gait;

2nd-(34) Taylors’ Riskerytree Ruaridh at Billkenstar, I see is litter brother to 1 and could change places on a different day, steady sound mover just not the side gait of 1, prefer slightly less heavier head of 1, strong jaw, well set eyes with keen expression, good top line which was firm and level, strength in his loin & well muscled sound rear, good feet & tail set;

3rd-(7) Fooks’ Silverbriar Isabelle

Class B Postgraduate Dog or Bitch (9 entries): Pleasing class 1st-(40) Whitelam’s Madaza Star, a junior b who although not the most glamorous in the class for me stood out as fit for function & could do a days work, in good coat but not over abundant, very pleasing profile stance for balance and nothing exaggerated. Feminine head with strength, well set eye & ear, excellent top & under line, moved better in front than rear, well set tail correctly carried, sound & well muscled with good feet;

2nd-(9) Heale’s Rhoderns Helena, pushed 1 hard in the class & is more mature, slightly bigger all through but everything is balanced & in good proportion, has an excellent head, super shoulder & upper arm, in excellent body with good ribbing & firm loin, coat of good texture & presented to perfection, moved well just lacked the enthusiasm of 1 in the class;

3rd-(6) De Leie’s Verumamicus Cicero with Castrumskye; Res-(11) Heaths’ Skyeshire Rosie; VHC-(21) McLeods’ Esgia Glen Garioch

Class C Open Dog or Bitch (8 entries, 3 absent): 1st-(5) Curtis’ Ch Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill JW, worthy of her title and at 5 years is still in excellent condition, up to size but still feminine and of good balance, lovely flowing lines from nose to tail, has the best of top lines, correct shoulder set, in excellent body & overall condition both coat & muscle tone, moves free & easy with correct tail set & carriage;

2nd-(39) Turner’s Knowlespring Quincy ShCEx, male approaching 4 yrs who appeals in head with lovely expressive eyes well set, correct ear placement, well set neck & front, correct shaped ribbing & has strength in his loin, in excellent coat & condition, good stride with well set tail;

3rd-(27) Parker’s Tweedsmuir Feebee Mine ShCM; Res-(32) Sandersons’ Esgia Highland Laddie; VHC-(23) McLeods’ Esgia Lone Wolf