Championship Show 2022

Skye Terrier Club Championship Show 2022

Mr Eugene Zaphiris

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Skye Terrier Club for fulfilling a lifelong dream to judge the breed specialty on the Isle of Skye. As one of only three Americans to do so, I feel that I am in rarified company. Thank you for the hospitality shown to me and my fellow American friends. The entry as a whole was outstanding, as was the sportsmanship from the exhibitors and spectators. When one considers the numbers, I think the breed is in good shape. The one troubling trait that was evident was the tail carriage of several dogs. Thank you again to the club members and those who exhibited their dogs. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you.


Puppy Dog 2 (0)

1. McLeans/Weirs Rhoderns Hamish

Very promising puppy with nice head, good length of neck and nice shoulder placement. Correct outline. Exhibits potential that corresponds to his age. His looseness of movement was consistent with his age and ring experience. DBP/RBP.

Junior Dog 3 (0)

1. DeLeies Verumamicus Cicero

A very promising puppy overall. Strong headed, with a proportionate outline. A nice-moving dog in nice show condition.

2. McLeans/Weirs Rhoderns Hamish

See previous class.

3. Lyne’s Madaza Box of Frogs

A nice puppy who wasn’t using himself on the day. Needs more ring experience. Would prefer tighter elbows and stronger topline.

Yearling Dog 2 (0)

1. Taylor’s Tarskavaig Over the Sea

A handsome silver dog with a very good head and shoulders with a pleasing outline shown in lovely condition. An easy mover.

2. Lyne’s Madaza Box of Frogs

See previous class.

Graduate Dog 1 (0)

1. Bakers Kometa Rossi Madrid at Silverbriar (Imp Ger)

Nice-moving dog with an outgoing attitude. Would prefer a bit more neck to complete a nice outline.

Post Graduate Dog 3 (0)

1. Turners Knowlespring Quincy

A lovely dog in excellent condition with easy movement and lovely proportions. The easy winner of this class.

2. Smiths Linum Fistful of Dollars

A nice dog that could a little more length of neck and back.

3. Barrass’ Sunabil Tywysog O Libanus

A dog that exhibits quality, but is in need of more socialization and ring experience to be properly examined.

Limit Dog 3 (0)

1. Heath’s Lavaux’s Bahamian Chris

A very masculine dog who carries a beautiful head, neck and shoulder, moves with great ease and purpose. Shown in lovely condition. Would prefer to see a more correct tail carriage. RDCC.

2. Sanderson’s Esgia Highland Laddie

Very nice dog in good condition, nicely headed with good outline and movement.

3. Shuttleworth’s Whicheeta Walk the Walk

An overall nice dog, would have preferred a better front and neck.

Open Dog 9 (1)

1. Pringle’s Ch. Esgia the Exciseman ShCEx

A very handsome, masculine dog, with a lovely head, neck and shoulder placement. In full bloom, beautiful clear coat color and condition. Sound moving with a tail that comes straight off his topline and great showmanship. DCC/BOS.

2. Kendrick’s Ch. Frisco Kiaora at Jeraro (Imp Cze)

An appealing black dog. Would prefer more neck and substance to his body, and better tail carriage.

3. Shuttleworth’s Whicheeta Total Eclipse

A handsome black dog who could use more neck and lacked a bit in body substance.

Veteran Dog 2 (1)

1. McLeod’s Juger Edelweiss Me Myself and I at Esgia (Imp Est)

A grand 12-year-old who represents the strength and vigor of this wonderful breed. So pleased to have had him in my ring.

Dog CC: Pringle’s CH Esgia the Exciseman ShCEx

Reserve Dog CC: Heath’s Lavaux’s Bahamian Chris

Best Puppy Dog: McLeans/Weirs Rhoderns Hamish


Minor Puppy Bitch 2 (0)

1. VonFritsch’s Black Cuillins Calatrava

A promising puppy, very feminine, full of quality. Nice front. With maturity, her topline will improve.

2. Shuttleworth’s Wondersky Wish You Were Here at Whicheeta (Imp USA)

Another promising puppy, happy and outgoing. Good proportions. Her front needs to settle in, and there is room for that to happen.

Puppy Bitch 4 (0)

1. Grainger’s Black Cuillins Catriona (Imp DEU)

A wonderful puppy showing so much promise. Her overall balance and proportions, with easy movement, made her the class winner. BBP/BP.

2. Whitelam’s Madaza Star

Also a very high-quality puppy that shows promise. Good headed and fronted, well balanced. Needs a little more show experience.

3. Heale’s Rhoderns Helena

Another feminine puppy just breaking color to a lovely clear color. Today she could have used a better topline.

Junior Bitch 6 (0)

1. Volkova’s Verumamicus Calypso

A beautiful bitch just coming into her own. Lovely head, neck and shoulders and lovely outline. Great proportions and size. Lovely condition and showmanship.

2. Curtis’ Breakmill Midsummer Dream

Closely pushing for first place, this lovely headed bitch could use a bit more neck for her proportions, but otherwise lovely type, movement and attitude.

3. Utter’s Finnsky Diana

A bitch with lovely type and nice qualities, but larger than her class competition.

Yearling Bitch 3 (0)

1. O’Rourke’s Borcho Skoosh of Struanmore

A lovely bitch with a good outline, nice front and good movement. Would a prefer a little more strength behind.

2. Utter’s Finnsky Diana

See previous class.

3. MacDonald’s Headscrook Going Home to Tarskavaig

A very promising bitch, unsure of herself on the day. Needs ring experience and some self-assurance.

Graduate Bitch 4 (2)

1. Heath’s Skyeshire Rosie

A very feminine bitch, good headed, lovely condition, with overall balance and easy movement.

2. MacQueen’s Madaza Cuckoo

Another feminine bitch shown in lovely condition with good proportions and topline. In proportion to her length, would prefer a bit more neck.

Post Graduate 4 (2)

1. Gracie’s Elnath Bohemia Coko with Celebros

A nice typey bitch in lovely condition, good headed, with pleasing neck and shoulders. Good outline and very showy, making good use of herself.

2. McLean’s Knowlespring Miss Marple at Rhoderns

A nice bitch that could have a bit more head and neck.

Limit Bitch 4 (0)

1. O’Rourke’s Esgia Glen Scotia of Borcho

A lovely, feminine bitch with pleasing head, neck and topline. Has an easy way of going. Very nice to go over.

2. Duncan’s Verumamicus Ambrosia of Kyloran

Another very high-quality bitch who was lovely to touch, with an outgoing personality and showmanship.

3. Large’s Parrima Arih Universe of My Fantasy Is Madaza

A feminine bitch with lots of quality. Would prefer a bit more neck to complete her outline.

Open Bitch 9 (1)

1. Curtis’ Ch. Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill

A wonderful bitch who shines in every way. Beautiful headpiece, neck, shoulders and front and rearquarters. An outline in perfect proportion, with a strong topline. Lovely, effortless gait. Coat in full bloom. Beautifully conditioned and presented. Hard to fault: a complete picture. BCC/BOB

2. Ch. Finnsky Xstream

A lovely black bitch with much quality. Good head, neck and outline. Outshown by the first-place winner. RBCC

3. Barrass’ Gallondean Foreign Spirit SHCM

A lovely feminine bitch, nicely made, with a pleasing outline. A bit out of coat.

Veteran Bitch 5 (3)

1. Volkova’s Ch. Juger Edelweiss Mary Poppins (Imp Est)

A lovely bitch to go over, from the headpiece to the tip of her tail. Well built yet feminine with good movement. I was honored to have the opportunity to judge this veteran. BV.

2. Grainger’s Perrylands Bentara

A lovely black bitch. Pleasing to go over. The strength of her movement belies her age.

Bitch CC: Curtis’ Ch. Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill

Reserve Bitch CC: Ch. Finnsky Xstream

Best Puppy Bitch: Grainger’s Black Cuillins Catriona (Imp DEU)

Best in Show: Curtis’ Ch. Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill

Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex: Pringle’s CH Esgia the Exciseman ShCEx

Best Puppy in Show: Grainger’s Black Cuillins Catriona (Imp DEU)

Best Veteran in Show: Volkova’s Ch. Juger Edelweiss Mary Poppins (Imp Est)