Championship Show 2018


29/09/18 Results and Judges’ Critiques

It was a great honour to be granted the opportunity to judge the STC Championship Show 2018. Many Thanks and congratulations to the Committee for so well organising the event and sincere Thanks also to the very excellent and most efficient Steward Anne Ankcorn. Special mention and praise goes to the Show Manager Julie Harrison for enabling a very smooth running of the show despite the rather snug fit of the venue. It can’t have been an easy task. Huge Thanks also to the many exhibitors, some even coming from far afield, for giving me the pleasure of judging so many lovely Skyes.

With so many Skyes assembled together there was inevitably much variation in size, shape and other attributes. It was pleasing to find that the majority had good length and shape of rib cage and short loin. This has not always been the case in the past. On the negative side can be mentioned that wide earset seems to become common, which rather spoils the desired beauty of a Skye head. Most, but not all, mouths were correct. Temperaments were typically good, but that should be the norm nowadays. Quite a few were found to lack in condition and muscle tone, so make sure your Skyes aren’t allowed to become total couch potatoes. Fitness is certainly necessary to enable good movement.  

MPD (0)

PD (2) 1 Pringle’s Esgia The Exciseman. 10 months old boy of good proportions, and lovely cream coat clearing nicely. Well-made head with dark expressive eyes and strong bite. Black, well fringed ears but earset could be tighter. Good forechest and bone, but front assembly needs to tighten as he matures. Enough neck and level topline with good tailset and hindquarters. Moved well and with confidence. 2 Sanderson’s Esgia Highland Laddich. Brother of 1, but quite different and in dark grey. Good length and with enough bone. Lovely head with well placed ears and strong bite. Lacking in forechest but good front angulation and shoulders. Good rib to loin ratio. Somewhat unsettled today and movement not as positive as that of 1.

JD (1) 1 Moller & Bergstrom’s Skyewalker’s Q. This 10 months old is a real “look at me” boy with lovely, outgoing temperament and full of confidence, which showed in his performance. Very well constructed head with excellent ear set, expressive eyes and strong jaw with good dentition. Enough bone, very good front assembly, good reach of neck and best shoulder placement. Very good rib and short, strong loin. Level topline and excellent tailset. Moved so very well and true, powered from strong hind quarters with well let down hocks. Presented in good, strong condition and quality cream coat with attractive black points to ears and muzzle. Very promising boy indeed.  BPD, BPIS.

GD (3; 2) 1 Herbert’s Tweedsmuir Stargazer. Dark grey boy with strong head and plenty of muzzle, earset could be tighter. Good forechest and front, enough neck. Good proportions, rib to loin ratio and tailset. Moved happily but toeing out a bit behind. Good coat quality.

PGD (2; 1) 1 The Late Mrs Marshall’s Flanagan Show Stopper Glorfindel (Imp SVN).Lovely boy with excellent head, nicely placed ears, strong in both jaw and dentition. Good angulation fore and aft and with enough bone. Excellent depth of rib and strong loin. Well balanced dog shown in good condition and quality coat. Moved out well but could do with a bit more confidence to show himself to best advantage.

LD (3; 1) 1 Kendrick’s Frisco Kiaora At Jeraro (Imp CZE).This handsome dog did impress as soon as he entered the ring. Well balanced and of nice size with well made, masculine head. Very good set and carriage of well fringed ears, lovely expression and strong jaw with correct dentition. Good forechest and front, enough neck, good rib and short, strong loin and level topline. Tail set on and carried well. Very good angulation behind and with plenty of muscle, enabling fluid movement with effortless drive. Presented in excellent condition and with quality coat in best order. Worthy winner of DCC, BOS. 2 Neilson’s Auchenbathie It’s A Doddle. Grey boy with strong head, good foreface and powerful bite, wider earset than that of 1. Slightly wide in front but good neck and shoulders and of good proportions with level topline. Moved quite well although somewhat close behind. Very good coat quality.

OD (9; 2) 1 Large’s Juger Edelweiss Mickey Mouse Is Madaza (Imp EST).Drop eared boy with strong, masculine head, expressive eyes and powerful jaw. Good bone, forechest and front. Very good proportions and enough neck, good rib and strong loin. Excellent rear assembly with good muscle tone enabling good drive from behind. Moved well, keeping his topline. Presented in heavy coat of good quality. 2 Toft Bergstrom’s Skyewalker’s Player. Very attractive cream with beautiful coat in best order and nice dark points. Good ears and lovely expression but not as strong in foreface as 1. Lighter in bone but with very good front assembly, neck, shoulder and topline. Good for rib and loin. Very well presented in good condition and moved with ease and purpose.  3 Curtis’ Ch Brakemill Barnum ShCM.  Expertly handled and presented cream dog in full coat of excellent texture. Masculine head with dark eyes, good foreface and correct mouth. Would prefer slightly more neck and rib. Very impressive dog with good topline and strong hind quarters. Moved well with enough drive.

VeteranD (3) Stewart’s Multi Ch Finnsky Momentous. Handsome mature dog with masculine head, well placed ears, expressive dark eyes and good strength in muzzle. Good bone and correct front and forechest. Lovely reach of neck, well laid shoulders and good depth and length of rib. Short, strong loin and level back. Very good hind angulation and strong muscles giving excellent movement with effortless drive. An impressive showman presented in quality coat and very good condition. Moved with animation and so well in tune with his handler. Delighted to award him the RCC, BVET. 2 Burscough’s Glorfindel Secret Shadow At Kilfinnan SHCM. Lovely boy with good head, excellent well fringed ears and sweet expression. Good angulations and with nice reach of neck, good shoulders and level topline. A dog of lighter build but well balanced and with excellent coat. Somewhat reluctant to fully cooperate with his handler on the move today. 3 Parker’s Glorfindel Deacon Brodie ShCM. Well proportioned, masculine dog with good head, nice ears, dark eyes full of expression and strong jaw. Good bone and quarters and nice outline. Not as good for neck and shoulder as 1 and 2. Well presented in full coat. Was a bit relaxed on the move.

VintageD (1) 1 Harrison’s Ch/IR Ch Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc For Trenson ShCM. This boy is 11 years old but very much “still going strong”. Masculine head with strength in jaw, expressive eyes, slightly wide set ears. Well bodied with good front and topline and well developed hind quarters. Carries his tail well and moved out with some purpose. Presented in excellent condition and with cream coat in good order.  BVIN

Dog CC: Kendrick’s Frisco Kiaora at Jeraro (Imp Cze)

Reserve Dog CC: Stewart’s Multi Ch Finnsky Momentous

Best Puppy Dog: Møller and Toft Bergstrom’s Skyewalker’s Q

MPB (2;1) 1 Curtis’ Verumamicus Aurora Of Brakemill. Very promising cream baby with attractive dark points. Well grown for age. Lovely head with good ear placement, eyes full of expression and good strength in foreface and correct bite. Nicely made front, good reach of neck and well placed shoulders. Well balanced with good height to length ratio. Rib needs to develop but she has a very good topline and tail carriage. Well angulated at rear and moves with drive. Lovely little girl, who already has a positive attitude to the show ring.  RBPIS.

PB (4) 1 Pringle’s Esgia First And Fairest. Sweet looking girl of good length. Lovely head with dark points, expressive eyes and correct bite. Good bone but slightly over crooked in front at present. Nice length of neck and good rib to loin ratio. Level back and good tail carriage. Cream coat of good colour coming on nicely. Moved very well and showed with confidence. 2 Bailey’s Celticbridge Ocean Belle At Marjayn. Promising girl of very good proportions. Nice head with well placed ears and good foreface. Good angulations fore and aft. Level back but rib still needs to develop. Very good coat quality. Needs time to mature and gain confidence so she can show off her movement better.  3 McLeod’s Esgia’s Lone Wolf. Slightly taller built girl in harsh, grey coat. Head with good eye and foreface, slightly wider in ear set. Good angulations but elbows need to tighten. Enough neck and level topline and good condition.

JB (1) 1 Large’s Parrima-Arih Universe Of My Fantasy Is Madaza (Imp RUS).Lovely young bitch with beautiful head. Good earset, expressive dark eyes and strong jaw. Well developed forechest and good front. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Very good rib and short, strong loin. Strong hind quarters powering excellent movement with drive. Cream coat of good quality coming on nicely. Very well presented in good condition. Holds much promise for the future.

GB (5; 1) 1 Roberts’ Glorfindel Effort At Sunabil.Feminine girl with cream coat and nice dark points. Lovely head with expressive eyes, good foreface and strength in jaw. Good front assembly and good reach of neck. Nice size and of good balance with good height to length ratio but could do with slightly more rib. Well presented in excellent condition and moved out well from strong quarters. 2 Boden’s Tweedsmuir Flite Of Fancy Among Suelynda. Grey girl with good head and well set on ears, nice expression, strong foreface and excellent bite. Good neck, shoulders and rib to loin ratio. Moved quite well but not as steadily and with same drive as 1. 3 Shaw’s Tweedsmuir Fancy Free At Stonecellars. Very similar to 2 and they are indeed litter sisters. This girl has also got a good head but ears are set wider. Did unfortunately struggle on the lead which no doubt affected her movement.  

PGB (2) 1 Parker’s Tweedsmuir Feebee Mine. Feminine and balanced girl of good proportions. Well-made head with good foreface and strong teeth. Earset could be tighter but nice fringes are coming on. Good forechest and front. Lovely neck, good rib and level topline. Excellent coat clearing to cream. Free and easy movement with good rear action.   2 Tweedsmuir Fancy Free At Stonecellars.

LB (5) 1 The Late Mrs Marshall’s But Beautiful Of Morningsky Glorfindel (Imp DEU).It is all in the name, because this lovely girl is beautiful indeed. She is long and low and of a size desired by the standard. Lovely, feminine head with very good set to well fringed ears. Dark eyes full of expression and good strength in jaw. Very good front assembly, good bone and lovely, reachy neck plus excellent shoulder. Good length and depth to rib and short, strong loin. Easy, flowing movement powered from well angulated, strong hind quarters. Well presented in near black coat of excellent quality and in good order. Could go one step further with a little more confidence to prevent occasional tensing up, but well worthy of RCC & RBIS.2 Barrass Gallondean Foreign Spirit ShCM. Another lovely girl but this one in cream coat with attractive dark points. Strong, yet feminine head with well-placed ears, very expressive eyes and correct bite. Well angulated fore and aft with good bone. Enough neck and good shoulder placement. Strong loin and level topline. Showed very well standing but didn’t quite put all effort in on the move today. 3 Heath’s Perrylands Hello Again.Pretty cream girl with dark points. Good head, well placed ears, expressive eyes and good foreface and correct bite. Good front and topline but could be slightly longer in back. Strong hindquarters. Good coat quality and free movement.   

OB (10; 5) 1 Toft Bergstrom’s Skyewalker’s Paris. This girl immediately owned the ring with her presence. Full of positive attitude and of very nice size and balance. Shining clear cream coat with attractive black points to ears and muzzle. Beautiful head of very good shape, well fringed ears with ideal set and dark eyes full of expression. Good foreface with strength without coarseness and excellent dentition. Very good front and good bone. Excellent shoulders and elegant neck flowing into level back. Very good shape and length of rib and short, strong loin. Excellent rear assembly and tailset. Free and fluid movement with true, parallel drive behind. Very well handled and shown in super condition with best of coats and plenty of muscle. A special girl indeed and very worthy of CC & BIS.  2 Curtis’ Ch Brakemill Briar Rose. Very nice grey girl of good length but not as low and feminine as 1. Well balanced head, slightly wider earset, expressive eyes and strength in foreface and correct bite. Good front assembly and nice shape and length of neck. Good length of rib and short loin. Level topline. Strong hind quarters and moved with some drive. Presented in excellent condition and with coat of quality in good order. 3 Zvezdina’s Ch Juger Edelweiss Mary Poppins (Imp EST) ShCM. Attractive cream girl built on a larger frame. Good shape to head, earset could be tighter, lovely expression and strong in jaw. Good angulations fore and aft. Enough neck and good topline. Very well presented in good, hard condition and excellent coat and moved out well.

VeteranB (1) 1 Barrass’ Ch Lavaux Spirit Of The Isle Of Gallondean ShCM. Veteran girl of great quality. Beautiful head with excellent earset, dark expressive eyes, strength in fore face and correct bite. Good front assembly. Rib to loin ratio very good and topline level. Carries a bit much condition today but moved out with decent stride. Shining black coat of very good texture.

VintageB (1; 1)

Bitch CC: Toft Bergstrom’s Skyewalker’s Paris

Reserve Bitch CC: Marshall’s But Beautiful of Morningsky Glorfindel (Imp Deu)

Best Puppy Bitch: Curtis’s Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill

Best in Show: Toft Bergstrom’s Skyewalker’s Paris

Reserve Best in Show: Marshall’s But Beautiful of Morningsky Glorfindel (Imp Deu)

Best Opposite Sex: Kendrick’s Frisco Kiaora at Jeraro (Imp Cze)

Best Puppy in Show: Møller and Toft Bergstrom’s Skyewalker’s Q

Reserve Best Puppy: Curtis’s Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill

Best Opposite Sex Puppy: Curtis’s Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill

Best Veteran: Stewart’s Multi Ch Finnsky Momentous

Best Vintage: Harrison’s Ch/Ir Ch Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson ShCM

 Special Beginner D/B in memory of Kathleen Gaughan (5;2) 1 Glorfindel Effort At Sunabil 2 Tweedsmuir Fancy Free At Stonecellars 3 Komenta Rossi Cindorella

BRACE (2;1) Knowlespring Drummer Boy & Knowlespring Candy Cane. These two are brother and sister and very much “peas in a pod” – both of similar shape and with beautiful, pale cream coat and moved like a proper brace.

Mearn Gibson Memorial Members’ Health Fund Stakes D/B 1 Juger Edelweiss Mickey Mouse Is Madaza (Imp EST) 2 Ch Juger Edelweiss Mary Poppins (Imp EST) ShCM 3 Tweedsmuir Feebe Mine

Maud Hawkes



Skye Terrier Special Award Classes

Well what a lovely Show, held in memory of Bob Cross. Thanks for the invite and for looking after us on the day. Good atmosphere prevailed and I really enjoyed myself and even won a couple of raffle prizes. Well-filled classes of quality dogs.

Junior Dog or Bitch 4, 1 ab

1stLarge’s, Parrima-Arih Universe of Fantasy Is Madaza, typey cream bitch with pleasing overall balance, nice head with well set ears, correct mouth, good front and shoulders, pleasing body for age, presented a nice outline, went well carrying a level topline. 2ndMcLeod’s, Esgia’s Lone Wolf, grey bitch, nice feminine expression with good eye and correct bite, just a puppy with coat coming thru’ nicely, moved and handled well. 3rdSanderson’s, Esgia’s Highland Laddich, half brother to 2, grand head with well set ears, played up and needs some training, but of good type and has excellent quarters.

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 6, 2 ab

1stParker’s, Tweedsmuir Feebee Mine, pleasing head and furnishings, well set ears, correct mouth, good eye, ample bone with well padded feet, nicely ribbed up and in lovely coat, strong quarters, went well with good drive. 2ndBoden’s, Tweedsmuir Flite Of Fancy Among Suelynda, typey bitch with lovely head and expression, lots to like about her, good front and bone, lovely ribbed body, carried a level topline and in good double coat, better on the table – played up on the move. 3rdShaw’s, Tweedsmuir Fancy Free at Stonecellars, my notes say – ‘of similar attributes’ – and I can see why now, family affair as all 3 are sisters, again of nice type, not the coat of 1 and 2.


Open Dog or Bitch 10, 2 ab

1stCurtis’, Ch. Brakemill Barnum ShCM, stunning cream dog with dark points, grand head with strong muzzle and correct bite, good eye and furnishings, good front with ample bone and well padded feet, nice in profile being long, low and level with balanced crest of neck. Well ribbed body, strong loin and well muscled quarters with nice bend of stifle, in excellent double coat, he moves true with elegant ease. Loved him. 2ndLarge’s, Juger Edelweiss Mickey Mouse Is Madaza. All male, Drop eared dog of lovely type with strong head, well set ears with correct lay, good eye and bite, nice front and depth, pleasing crest of neck to well laid shoulders, good overall with correct double coat. Moved and handled well. 3rdZvezdina’s, Ch. Juger Edelweiss Mary Poppins, litter sister to 2, quality bitch with lovely feminine expression, pleasing all round, so much to like about her, lovely outline, in good coat and condition, moved and handled well.

Alan Small