Championship Show 2017

Skye Terrier Club championship show 23rd September 2017

Judges report

I would like to thank the committee of the STC for the invitation to judge at this show .
I was made to feel most welcome and would like to thank my excellent stewards and the chef for a delicious lunch.

AIl the dogs were presented in good order and temperaments were first class. I only had a couple of niggles , the first concerns mouths. Some dogs , even in the lower age range , had dirty teeth. This can cause serious health problems as the dog ages , and for me there is no excuse.

All had correct bites , although the lack of length and depth of muzzle , in some , contributed to smaller teeth . The jaw should be powerful with a punishing bite in both dogs and bitches , please don’t allow this to become a thing of the past.

Upright shoulders and tight fronts were more prevalent than the last time I judged the breed , these will always have an adverse effect on movement.

Size seems to have improved but please be careful , more is not necessarily better , especially in bitches.


PD 1 (0 abs)

1 Marshalls Flanagan Show Stopper Glorfindel (imp)
9 month old cream , happy boy , good masculine head , powerful jaw and lovely expression. Correct ear set with good pigment. Well set shoulders and well boned legs with large front feet. Excellent length of rib and strong loin. Well carried correct tail.
He has a lovely rich cream coat coming in nicely , of good length and texture.
Moved ok behind but unfortunately limping today.

JD 1 (0 abs)

1 Huckles Silverspangles Midas Touch.
17 month old cream. Good head and bite. Gentle ,dark eye with lovely expression. Well set ears with ok pigment. Well muscled for his age but rather narrow in front. Held his topline well lovely to see him move on a loose lead. Another happy boy.

GD 1 (1 abs)

PGD 3 (1 abs)

1 Woodheads Knowlespring Drummer Boy.
2 year old cream. Very masculine , good head , dark eye and good length of muzzle. Well fringed ears , correctly set and carried. Decent length of neck and one of the best fronts today. Level topline , long enough with a short loin. Well carried correct tail. Lovely coat of good length and texture. Moved well fore and aft. His day will come with a little more maturity.

2. Herberts Tweedsmuir Stargazer
2 year old grey. Good old fashioned make of Skye. Dark eye , good ear set . Lovely neck , decent shoulders , just a little closer in front than 1. Good topline and well muscled rear. Very correct harsh top coat . A bit happy with his tail on the move . Seemed unsettled and not cooperating with his handler , the floor was far more interesting !.
Will do better when settled.

LD 4 (2 abs)

1 Large’s Juger Edelweiss Mickey Mouse Is Madaza (imp)
3 year old fawn drop ear , a delight to go over , lovely all through. He has a masculine head without being overdone. Gentle, dark eye , strong powerful jaw , good depth and length of muzzle. Absolutely correct lay of ears, clean neck to well laid shoulders, Plenty of bone , correct ratio of rib to loin providing a topline that is firm and level, He has good angulation in the rear and plenty of muscle providing power and drive. Correct tail carriage , never higher than topline when on the move. Moved steadily with purpose. Dead straight coat of correct texture , not the most eye catching colour and would ideally like another inch in coat length , but the overall picture on the move and stood more than made up for it. Delighted to award him the CC & BIS. congratulations.

2 Bailey’s Talyot Nimrod by Marjayn
4 year old pale silver. Good mouth , dark ,kind eye. Good pigment but ear set too tight which gives his head a somewhat untypical appearance. Decent length of neck and well laid shoulders. Good length of rib . Not the strength of rear of 1 , moved ok but without purpose on the day.

OD 5 (2abs)

1 Curtis CH Brakemill Barnum SHCM
5 year old cream. Lovely masculine head , kindest of dark eyes, punishing jaw and correct ear set. Super neck and good lay of shoulders , plenty of bone giving him an excellent front. Level topline with correct ratio of rib to loin . Well coupled giving him his ease of movement. Coat first class and of good length . Well deserved RCC.

2 Parker’s Glorfindel Deacon Brodie SHCM
6 year old black , lovely dark eye and correct mouth. Enough neck down to well laid shoulders and well boned legs, Another with good ratio of rib to loin . Well muscled behind and plenty of gleaming black coat which could be straighter. Wonderful to see a Skye move on a loose lead , as one with handler. Happy dog with a happy tail.

3 Smith’s Lam- Baias Mad Max at Marrcrieff SHCM

Veteran Dog 2 (0abs)

1 Miller’s CH Feorlig Arfur Sixpence

Classic 8 year old black . This boy is showing little sign of his veteran status . Dark eye , correct mouth and earset . Would prefer a more masculine head and more depth of muzzle.
He has the long , low and level body required in the standard in abundance . Correct front with well laid shoulders and correct elbows. Good behind with correctly carried tail and harsh coat. When settled he moved well.

2 Burscough’s Glorfindel Secret Shadow at Kilfinan SHCM
7 year old dark silver. Loved this boy as he entered the ring and on the table . Very much “my type “ of Skye . Super to go over. Very masculine head without being overdone. Punishing jaw , dark eye and classic earset with plenty of fringing. Very correct at both ends and in wonderful straight , full coat. Sadly he gave his handler a hard time on the move and it was difficult to assess his movement. Shame.

Vintage Dog 1 (0)

1 Harrison’s IRCH/CH Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson SHCM
Gorgeous 10 year old cream who shows little sign of aging. Excels in head , good dark eye , plenty of muzzle and large teeth. Correct front with well laid shoulders and well boned legs. His ratio of rib to loin is spot on and has a level topline , tail set a tad high . His movement is fluid and a joy to watch. Such a lovely character , long may he continue to be an ambassador for the breed.

Dog CC: Large’s Juger Edelweiss Mickey Mouse Is Madaza (imp)

Res CC: Curtis CH Brakemill Barnum SHCM

Best Puppy Dog: Marshalls Flanagan Show Stopper Glorfindel (imp)



PB 4 (1 abs)
1 Evans Kometa Rossi Bozera at Marodyme (imp Deu)
11 month old dark silver. This baby caught my eye the minute she stepped confidently into the ring. She exudes attitude , has a super feminine head with cheeky dark eye , correct ear set with fringing coming in nicely. Lovely correct neck , flowing down into well placed shoulders. Good front , feet correct , level topline , enough rib and short loin. Lovely turn of stifle allowing purposeful , steady movement for one so young . Tail carriage not too high. Loved her “look at me “ swagger . Coat as it should be for age , well presented and sympathetically handled. I could not deny her Res CC and BPIS

2 Parker’s Tweedsmuir Fee Bee Mine
10 month old cream baby . Another young bitch with real character and super temperament which all bodes well for the future.. She has a lovely head , dark eye ,good length and depth of muzzle while still remaining very feminine. Not the front of 1st but has good length of rib and level topline. She has plenty of coat of correct texture , would just prefer more pigment on ears. Moved well fore and aft on a loose lead.

3 Shaw’s Tweedsmuir Fancy Free

JB 4 (1 abs)

1 Roberts Glorfindel Effort at Sunabil
16 month old cream. Pretty girl , lovely head, dark eye , earset ok with plenty of well pigmented fringing. Super length of rib , topline level on the move but a little lazy when stood. Has all the attributes to do well but needs a little more ringcraft practice and to move at a faster pace.

2 Shaw’s Tweedsmuir Fancy Free
10 month old dark silver. Moved better in this class. A pretty baby , dark eye , gentle expression and feminine head. Ear carriage and placement good , sound front and rear. Everything as it should be at this young age. When settled she has the potential to do well. Again , would benefit from more ringcraft training but is still just a baby.

3 Heath’s Perrylands Hello Again

GB 2 (0 abs)

1 Barrass Gallondean Foreign Spirit
18 month cream, Eye catching young lady , good head , strong jaw and dark eye. Well pigmented , placed and fringed ears. Shoulders a tad upright , level topline with correct ratio of rib to loin. Good quality and textured coat coming along nicely. Moved out ok with confidence.

2 Downes’ Tweedsmuir Star Wonder Among Tsuki
2 year old silver. Very feminine head , dark eye and sweet expression. Correct earset good pigment. Rather upright in shoulders and narrow in front. Long enough in rib . Correct harsh top coat and is well muscled underneath. Moved ok , topline dipped a little when stood . Sympathetically handled.

PGB 3 (1 abs)

1 Barrass Gallondean Foreign Spirit

2 Miller’s Feorlig Up Up And Away
3 year old fawn. Feminine head with dark eye and good earset. Decent front and topline , moved well with enthusiasm . Difficult decision to separate these two bitches , they’re both very different types and could change places on another day. Just preferred head and style of 1.

LB 6 (2 abs)

1 Marshall’s But Beautiful of Morningsky Glorfinded (imp Deu)

Black 3 year old who more than lives up to her name. Loved her size , ultra feminine head without being in any way weak. Kind , dark eye and good length and depth of muzzle giving a strong jaw and correct mouth. Lovely earset with plenty of fringing . All correct front and rear , good length of rib and strong loin . Well muscled rear without being too “doggy” , allowing her freedom of movement . Gleaming coat of great quality and plenty of it , beautifully presented and well handled. I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC .BOS and RBIS

2 Zvezdina’s Juger Edelweiss Mary Poppins (imp Est)
3 year old , pale fawn drop eared bitch. Another lovely girl with all the qualities to take her to the top. Super head ,good length and depth of muzzle without being overdone. Gentle , dark eye and excellent earset. Flat and close to the head , well pigmented with plenty of fringing. Flowing neck into well angulated shoulders. Level topline and powerful rear , she moved well but is a little too big for me. Expertly handled.

3. Woodhead’s Knowlespring Candy Cane

OB 3 (0)

1 Curtis CH Brakemill Briar Rose
5 year old silver. This classic bitch has all 3 “L’s” , long , low and level, in abundance. Feminine head , dark eye and super mouth with large teeth. Excellent construction fore and aft and moves very well. She is a typy , old fashioned bitch , not flashy , but none the worse for that. Lovely harsh topcoat and beautifully handled. Just had to give way today to two younger bitches very much on their toes today.

2 Ryan’s Feorlig Romantica
4 year old black. Another long , low and level , honest bitch. Very pretty girl , dark eye , feminine head. Not the bone or coat of 1. Moved ok but without drive.
3 Woodhead’s CH/IRCH Knowlespring Mistletoe

VB 1(0)

1 Smith’s Glorfindel Messalina at Marrcrieff
8 year old , lovely girl. Strong head but not overdone. Dark eye , kind expression, correct earset with plenty of fringing. Decent front and rear with good coat for her age , harsh and straight and plenty of it. She is suffering from middle age spread which made her movement rather “ploddy”.

Bitch CC: Marshall’s But Beautiful of Morningsky Glorfinded (imp Deu)

Res CC: Evans Kometa Rossi Bozera at Marodyme (imp Deu)

Best Puppy Bitch: Evans Kometa Rossi Bozera at Marodyme (imp Deu)

Best in Show: Large’s Juger Edelweiss Mickey Mouse Is Madaza (imp)

Res Best in Show: Marshall’s But Beautiful of Morningsky Glorfinded (imp Deu)

Best Puppy in Show: Evans Kometa Rossi Bozera at Marodyme (imp Deu)

Best Veteran In Show: Miller’s CH Feorlig Arfur Sixpence

Best Vintage in Show: Harrison’s IRCH/CH Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson SHCM

Special Beginners in memory of Mrs Kathleen Gaughan (1 entry):

1st-Roberts’s Glorfindel Effort at Sunabil

Mearn Gibson Memorial Member’s Health Fund Stakes (9 entries):

1st-Curtis’s Ch Brakemill Barnum ShCM

2nd-Burscough’s Glorfindel Secret Shadow at Kilfinan ShCM

3rd-Parker’s Glorfindel Deacon Brodie ShCM

Res-Parker’s Tweedsmuir Feebee Mine

VHC-Herbert’s Tweedsmuir Stargazer

 Corinne Garland – Collins ( judge)

The Skye Terrier Club – Ch show Special Award Classes

Many thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at your show and the warm and friendly atmosphere from members and exhibitors. It was a pleasure to get my hands on and under the coats of such lovely Skyes all with such super temperaments.

Junior D/B (3)

1 Parker’s : Tweedsmuir Feebee Mine – A very happy cream puppy, she has a lovely feminine head retaining enough strength and length, good eye colour and shape, flowing neck into well laid shoulders, has good length of body and firm topline which was held on the move, well set wagging tail, she showed really well and is one to watch.

2 Evans : Kometa Rossi Bozera at Marodyme – Just messing around a touch today, lovely head and ear set, good length of neck, well ribbed body in proportion with nice short loin, good firm topline and tail set on the table.

3 Huckle’s Silvaspangles Midas Touch

Post Graduate D/B (4)

1 Woodhead’s : Knowlespring Drummer Boy – A real masculine well balanced dog in great condition, strong head, good eye, mouth and bite, I liked his ear set and fringes, good length of neck, well placed shoulders and enough forchest, strong topline and well carried tail. Moved with drive.

2 Downes : Tweedsmuir Star Wonder Among Tsuki – Good for type and well proportioned, lovely head eye and expression, long neck and good shoulder placement, topline was long with short loin and was firm on the move

3 Miller’s : Feorlig Up Up and Away

4 Smith’s : Marrcrieff Glen Glamis

Open D/B (8-2)

This was a super class !

1 Curtis’s : Ch Brakemill Barnum SHCM – An impressive mature male with an air of elegance, in super coat and condition, he has a strong well balanced head, dark eye with expression, well set ears with good fringes, good front assembly, super neck, shoulders and topline, well angulated rear with plenty of hard muscle, he comes into his own when moving having a free effortless gait.

2 Zvezdina : Juger Edelweiss Mary Poppins – This bitch’s quality jumped out at me. For me she pushed the winner hard today. Presented in excellent form, coat and condition, gave a super outline, lovely strong but feminine head, well set, carried and fringed ears, flowing neck and well angulated shoulders, elbows close to the body, good topline and tail set, sound rear end which gave positive and steady drive on the move.

3 Burscough’s : Glorfindel Secret Shadow at Kilfinan SHCM

4 Parker’s : Glorfindel Deacon Brodie SHCM

 5 Smith’s : Lam-Baias Mad Max at Marrcrieff SHCM

Judge : Mick Oxley (Digelsa)