Championship Show 2016

SKYE TERRIER CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW – Saturday 24TH September, 2016

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

  1. HAWKES’ GALLONDEAN FOREIGN XCHANGE WITH MARIDALE – young boy – good stance – would like more length to muzzle. Well placed ears – good neck – short upper arm. With time will get body – excellent hind quarters – good legs. Very promising sort – cream – showing and moving perfectly.
  2. KENSEY’S GALLONDEAN FOREIGN PIPER – strong young boy – excellent head – very good ears – long neck – good front. Still a bit of a baby – soft topline – well angulated behind – promising cream coat. Unfortunately didn’t want to show today. Will do well when more experienced.

Puppy Dog (1)


Junior Dog (1)

  1. JOHNSON’S COVERNANTER’S SPIRIT AT SKYKIM – cream dog – very good strong head – good earset – enough neck. Strong good front legs – needs more body but it’s coming. Still a bit roached topline – when he gets his body it will correct. Good tail and hindquarters. Very good quality coat – moved very well. Nice dog but needs time.

Graduate Dog (1)

  1. SYMONDS’ ALFASTARSKY HANNIBAL HAZ HISTORY BEARRERAIG (IMP,FIN) – Big strong boy – good head and ears – correct expression – could have a bit more neck and angulation in front. Front legs should be more straight. Good quality cream colour but coat a little wavy. Well angulated behind – roach topline – good tail. Moved very well up and down.

Post Graduate Dog (2 – 1 Absent)

  1. THOMSON’S GLORFINDEL SHADOW BOXER = Grey coloured dog. Overall a bit too high – needs more neck but has a very good head and good ears. Should be better angulated in front – would help if he had a longer upper arm then he will have a bit more fore chest. Has enough body but it is a bit narrow. Very good tail and moved very well. Correct coat quality.

Limit Dog (1)

  1. McLEOD’S JUGER EDELWEISS ME MYSELF AND I AT ESGIA (IMP.EST) – cream coloured drop-eared dog. His skull is a bit too round – good fore face – good drop ears – very nice silhouette when he stands. Good front – very good hindquarters. Carries his tail well – could have a bit stronger body. Coat is a bit too wavy. Moving well but drops his topline a bit. Overall a good looking dog.

Open Dog (9 – 2 Absent)

One of the best classes of Skyes I have seen anywhere in the world. My congratulations to owners and breeders for showing them to me.

  1. CURTIS’ CH. BRAKRMILL BARNUM SHCH – Today a winner = cream – excellent coat – excellent pigmentation. Best mover in class. Excellent head and expression. Beautiful lines – correct proportions. He came and looked in the ring and told me I am the winner. RCC
  2. GARLAND-COLLINS’ CH. BHUIDH HERE BE DRAGONS – Excellent dark grey dog – the most high quality in the world. Handsome head – good earset – excellent expression – correct proportions – excellent coat – difficult to decide with the winner they were so close but the winner moved better today.

Veteran Dog (1)

  1. MILLER’S CH. FEORLIG ARFUR SIXPENCE – Black veteran dog who is long, low and level. Gorgeous head and expression – excellent topline – correct front – correct hindquarters – correct body – correct coat quality – excellent mover – hooray! CC, RBIS & BOS

Vintage Dog (2 – 1 Absent)

  1. LYNCH’S KENMILLTRI FRAXINUS – thirteen and a half year old gentleman. Excellent black coat and a credit for his age. I can see that he has been a really excellent show boy when he was younger. Excellent head and ears – low and still a level topline and he is long. It is lovely to see this old dog in lovely condition – I give credit to the owner.

Dog CC Miller’s Ch Feorlig Arfur Sixpence

Reserve Dog CC Curtis’s Ch Brakemill Barnum ShCM

Best Puppy Dog Hawkes’s Gallondean Foreign Xchange with Maridale

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

  1. BARRASS’ FOREIGN SPIRIT – Very promising cream young girl. Very promising head – excellent ears. Very good front and hindquarters – excellent neck and topline. Very good tail – promising coat – also excellent mover. What she needs is more time to mature. BP

Puppy Bitch (No entries)

Junior Bitch (1 – Absent)

Graduate Bitch (3 – 1 Absent)

  1. MILLER’S FEORLIG UP UP AND AWAY – Beautiful cream bitch. Very good head – excellent ears. Very nice expression. Excellent neck and topline. Excellent front and hindquarters. Very good coat. Excellent mover.
  2. SYMONDS’ SALENA SWEET DELIGHT BY BEARRERAIG – Well made grey bitch. Very good head – could have a bit more neck but body in correct proportions. Well angulated front – good fore chest and well angulated behind. Good coat quality. Loses topline on the move but goes well up and down.

Post Graduate Bitch (5 – 2 Absent)

  1. MARSHALL’S BUT BEAUTIFUL OF MORNINGSKY GLORFINDEL (IMP DEU) – Excellent grey bitch – a bit shy but has very nice expression. Very nice neck – good proportion – very good front and back. Good coat – moved well – a very feminine bitch.
  2. ZVEZDINA’S JUGER EDELWEISS MARY POPPINS (IMP EST) – Excellent coated cream – excellent pigmentation. Could do with more neck. Very good front and hindquarters – excellent mover.

Limit Bitch (4 – 2 Absent)

  1. RYAN’S FEORLIG ROMANTICA – Strong made black bitch. Very good head – ear placement be better. When standing very good neck and topline. Correct proportion – strong body bone – very well angulated in front and behind. Moved well up and down but did not like the floor too much.
  2. McLEOD’S NOAP CHAROIT MADLEN MARDZHERI AT ESGIA (IMP RUS) – Light grey – could be stronger made. Good head compared to her body. Good neck and topline but needs to have more body and bone. Moving a bit close front and behind. Good coat quality but today not in full bloom.

Open Bitch (4)

  1. CURTIS’ CH. BRAKEMILL BRIAR ROSE – Long, low and level, dark grey beautiful bitch. Excellent head and ears and good expression. Beautiful neck and topline – correct proportions. Strong body and bone – excellent movement. Excellent coat – it is a beautiful bitch. CC & BIS
  2. BREEZE’S SALENA SILVER SAPPHIRE – Very eye-catching grey bitch. Excellent head – beautiful ears and ear carriage. Very good body – excellent topline – good bone and well angulated. Excellent coat and movement – pressed the first very hard. RCC

Veteran Bitch (3 – 2 Absent)

  1. MacQUEEN’S CH. AZARAKHAN CAPERCAILLIE SHCH – excellent condition almost black – dark grey bitch – hard to believe she is ten years old. Excellent head, ears and expression – excellent topline. Very good front and hindquarters – beautiful coat. Excellent mover for her age – a real credit to the owner.

Vintage Bitch (1)


Bitch CC Curtis’s Ch Brakemill Briar Rose

Reserve Bitch CC Breeze’s Salena Silver Sapphire

Best Puppy Bitch Barrass’s Gallondean Foreign Spirit

Best in Show Curtis’s Ch Brakemill Briar Rose

Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex Miller’s Ch Feorlig Arfur Sixpence

Best Puppy in Show Barrass’s Gallondean Foreign Spirit

Best Opposite Sex Puppy Hawkes’s Gallondean Foreign Xchange with Maridale

Best Veteran Miller’s Ch Feorlig Arfur Sixpence

Best Vintage MacQueen’s Ch Azrakhan Capercaillie ShCM

Class 20 Brace (No entries)

Class 21 Mearn Gibson Memorial Member’s Health Fund Stakes (10 entries, 5 absent)

  1. McLeod’s Esgia Murray’s Olympic Gold
  2. McLeod’s Juger Edelweiss Me Myself and I at Esgia (Imp Est)
  3. Barrass’s Ch Lavaux Spirit of the Isle of Gallondean ShCM
  4. Symonds’s Salena Sweet Delight by Bearreraig
  5. VHC. Symonds’s Alfastarsky Hannibal Haz History Bearreraig (Imp Fin)

I would like to thank the Skye Terrier Club and I am honoured to have been asked to judge the show on the Isle of Skye. It is the third time now I have judged your speciality show and I am especially honoured to do this on the Isle of Skye. Overall the dogs were better than I expected and I found my winners in many classes to be high international quality dogs which pleased me. You still have the best Skye Terriers in the world. I also thank the members for their hospitality. The show was well organised and people were very sportsmanlike. You all must be proud of what you have done. Once more thank you.

Kari Jarvinen (Finland)


Special Award Classes

Judge: Trond Storsveen (Bonny Hill, Norway)

A big thank you to the Skye Terrier Club`s Committee for inviting me to judge the Special Award Classes at their Platinum Anniversary show held on the magnificent Isle of Skye!
I had a pleasing entry both in quality and in numbers and my sincere thanks go to the exhibitors for supporting these classes.
As expected, all exhibits had lovely temperaments. Also big compliments to the exhibitors for presenting their dogs in tip top coat condition as the weather before and during the show was not without it`s challenges.

Class A Junior Dog or Bitch (3 entries)

1st-Hawkes’s Gallondean Foreign Exchange with Maridale

2nd-Barrass’s Gallondean Foreign Spirit

Litter brother and sister and same remarks apply to both. 6 months, very promising puppies with superb temperament, strong in head with excellent length and strength of muzzle, correct ear set and carriage, lovely neck and topline, good length of back, well bodied for age, excellent front and hind quarters, moved well when settled, perfect tail carriage, excellent coat quality, just preferred the male on the day as I found him a bit lower on legs.

3rd-Johnson’s Covenanter’s Spirit at Skykim


Class B Postgraduate Dog or Bitch (9 entries, 3 absent)

1st-McLeod’s Noap Charoit Madlen Mardzheri at Esgia (Imp Rus)

Feminine bitch with lots to like, lovely head and expression, nice neck and topline, well angulated, enough bone for size, nice colour and correct coat quality, moves well but could do with a bit more animation.

2nd-Zvezdina’s Juger Edelweiss Mary Poppins (Imp Est)

A bigger girl all through, looking a picture standing, excellent proportions, strong in head and muzzle, ears set a little low, lovely length of neck, beautiful coat, colour and pigmentation, excellent mover in profile, just wish she had kept a level topline.

3rd-Miller’s Feorlig Up Up And Away

Res-Thomson’s Glorfindel Shadow Boxer

VHC-Symonds’s Salena Sweet Delight by Bearreraig


Class C Open Dog or Bitch (12 entries, 4 absent)

Strong class!

1st-Curtis’s Ch Brakemill Barnum ShCM

Quality cream male with substance, correct height to length ratio, masculine head with a strong muzzle, lovely expression with beautiful dark eyes, correct set of ears, strong topline kept both standing and moving, well bodied, powerful mover with strong quarters, to be critical I would like a bit more length of neck to complete the picture, lovely coat and colour, first class presentation.

2nd-Breeze’s Salena Silver Sapphire

Nice bitch full of quality, totally feminine throughout, excellent front assembly, good length of neck, for optimal balance she could perhaps be a tad longer in back, carries herself well, correct tail set and carriage, moves with purpose, super coat and attractive colour, another exhibit beautifully presented.

3rd-Smith’s Lam-Baias Mad Max at Marrcrieff (Imp Dnk)

Res-McLeod’s Juger Edelweiss Me Myself and I at Esgia (Imp Est)

VHC-Miller’s Ch Feorlig Arfur Sixpence

Junior Handling

Judge: Irene Tasker

1st: Aeryn Symonds with Misty (Salena Sweet Delight by Bearreraig)