Championship Show 2015

Judge: Mrs Margaret MacDonald-Cross (Tarskavaig)

I would like, first of all, to thank the members of the Skye Terrier Club for their votes in the ballot for this show. This vote took place 3.1/2 yrs ago and thus it is 5 yrs since I last judged the breed. I found that size seems to be creeping up and accompanied by much heavier bone. There were several slack toplines throughout the entry. In a long-backed breed like a Skye, good length of rib and short loin plus good muscletone is of paramount importance. Coats also seem to be changing with the desired flat, straight coat being replaced too often with a crispiness, inclined to curl. I was also surprised to find two kinked tails in the entry. These are points that breeders need to address. On the bright side, I found 100% correct bites (unlike many terrier breeds today) and temperament was absolutely superb. I noted six imported dogs were part of the entry. It will be interesting to see what these dogs will contribute if/when bred from and what changes they may bring. I was delighted with my final four top winners – all four closely related and all long, low and level and of superb breed type! I am always conscious when judging, of what would have been the opinion of the doyennes of our breed from the past and I know they would have been proud to have owned these Skyes!

Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1. Symonds’ Alfastarsky Hannibal Haz History (Imp Fin). 8 mths fawn dog stood alone in this class. He is a strongly made puppy with heavy bone. Well proportioned head with dark eye, strong jaw and correct scissor bite. Good neck leading into a long level back. Due to lack of ring-training his movement was hard to assess so ring-craft classes are essential for both dog and handler! I fortunately saw him walk into the hall on a loose lead and know how well he can move when not pulled up on a tight collar. His thick coat appears a bit woolly at present but hopefully this will sort itself out as he matures. I made him BP over the baby bitch puppy.

Puppy Dog (2,1 abs)

1 Symonds’ Alfastarsky Hannibal Haz History (Imp Fin).

Junior Dog (3)

1 Thomson’s Glorfindel Shadow Boxer. I have been an admirer of this young man since I saw him at his very first show with his inexperienced handler. Now 16 mths, he has grown into a very beautiful Skye and how this duo has progressed! They have learned together to move on a loose lead and to free stand – no stacking and propping needed. He has a lovely headpiece with well balanced skull and foreface, correct bite, dark expressive eyes. A nicely crested neck leads into well laid shoulders and good front assembly. He is correctly balanced for length to height, has good length and depth of rib with short loin and shown in well muscled condition. He is carrying the lovely junior coat just right for his age. He flows round the ring with reach, drive and correct tail carriage – all this youngster needs is maturity. He has already won a RCC from Puppy, and today I awarded him a second RCC, but I have no doubt that soon he will be challenging ‘the big boys’ for the tickets and his title.  2 Large’s Juger Edelweiss Mickey Mouse Is Madaza. Just 10 days out of Puppy, this is another youngster whose career I have watched with interest. Unusually, he is drop-eared and a very good example. He has quite the best drop-ears I have had my hand on. Such an appealing head and expression with nice neck leading into well laid shoulders and quite heavily boned front assembly. He also has excellent rib/loin ratio giving him the desired level topline. He moves soundly both coming and going and carries his tail well. There has been much discussion regarding his coat colour and I was pleased to see this has begun to clear. When mature I imagine he will end up a fawn rather than a cream. 3. Harrison’s Glorfindel Shadow Dancer For Trenson.

Graduate Dog (1)

1 Large’s Bunnybois Indulgence Is Madaza. 17 mths black with nice head and dark eye giving pleasing expression. Ears appear a bit variable at times. Good neck and shoulder placement. Long and low to ground, shown in abundant silky coat. Tends to drop his topline at times and although he moves smoothly round the ring, he is rather too fond of his tail at times. Super temperament.

PostGraduate Dog (1)

1 Grainger’s Perrylands Monro Sh.CM. At 21 mths this cream dog is very eye-catching. Smaller type, he is very low to ground. He has a lovely head with dark points, nice eye and good bite. Crested neck leads into well laid shoulders and nice front assembly. He presents a lovely outline ably illustrating the three Ls. Shown in good quality coat he moves effortlessly round the ring. I’d like him a bit more masculine and carrying a little more body.

Limit Dog (2,1 abs)

1 McLeod’s Esgia Murray’s Olympic Gold. Stood alone in this class. This 2 yr old is strongly made and with heavy bone but a little slack in front. He has a good head with dark eye and correct bite. Another with variable ear carriage. He has a good length of back but his topline lets him down. Shown in abundant quality coat, he drives well behind on the move, but not so good in front.

Open Dog (8,2)

1 Garland-Collins’ Bhuidh Here Be Dragons. Now 4 yrs plus, this elegant dark silver is another I have admired from a puppy. He is a classic Skye with perfect balance of length to height. He illustrates the standard from his lovely head to his perfectly carried tail! He has a super skull/foreface ratio, dark expressive eyes and correct dentition. Add to this a reachy neck, well laid shoulders and perfect front assembly. His topline is ramrod level at all times thanks to great rib length and depth and short loin. He carries a lovely coat for quality and quantity and just flows round the ring in accord with his handler. I was delighted to award him his second CC and hope to hear soon that he has gained his title. In the challenge for BIS he did not have quite the sparkle and ‘look at me’ attitude of the bitch. He is the uncle of my two RCC winners. 2 Curtis’ Ch. Brakemill Barnum Sh.CM. A year younger than 1, this handsome dog possesses a lovely head with stunning expression and crested neck, which he uses to advantage. Clear cream with dark points and full coat of super quality, he shares his litter sister’s ring presence in spades driving round the ring using his well muscled quarters. He is not the length of 1. and not so positive in topline but nonetheless is a very worthy champion.  3 Burscough’s Glorfindel Secret Shadow At Kilfinan.

Veteran Dog (2)

1 Harrison’s Ir Ch Ch. Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc For Trenson. Very masculine male now over 8 yrs, he carries a magnificent clear cream coat of superb quality. Good head with dark eye, strong muzzle and correct bite, I have often noticed this dog being a bit lazy in ear carriage but not so today as he held his well fringed dark ears correctly. He has a good neck, well laid shoulders and moves soundly both ends. I have always admired his body properties with a good ratio of length to height. Just a bit too fond of his tail on the move, but despite this, he looks every inch the champion. 2 Anckorn’s Feorlig True Destiny Of Pensford. Another clear cream. This dog has super body shape and outline. He is very low to ground and holds a very level topline at all times. A year older than 1, he has a nicely balanced head with good ear placement, dark eye, good strength of muzzle and correct bite. His nicely crested neck leads into a tidy front assembly. Not so masculine as 1. and could carry a little more body weight to advantage

Vintage Dog (1)

1 Lynch’s Kenmilltri Fraxinus. I can hardly believe this dog is now 12 and a half yrs old! It seems no time since he made his first appearance in the ring. He was always a handsome dog and at this advanced age he still presents a lovely outline being very long and low to ground and is carrying a gleaming coat of very dark silver. His topline is better than some of the much younger Skyes present! His balanced head and correct bite have also stood the test of time. Well done, Oscar!

Dog CC: Garland-Collins’s Bhuidh Here Be Dragons

Reserve Dog CC: Thomson’s Glorfindel Shadow Boxer

Best Puppy Dog: Symonds’s Alfastarsky Hannibal Haz History (Imp Fin)

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

1 Bryden’s Esgia Sula Froya. At just 6 mths this dark silver baby made things very difficult for handler and judge! I think I saw all four feet on the floor for only a brief flash. She has a sweet feminine head and expression, dark eye and good bite. Ringcraft classes urgently required! Suffice it to say that while she was in the ring, the ringside was well entertained!

Junior Bitch (3)

1 Burscough’s Glorfindel Shadow Wings At Kilfinan.16 mths ultra feminine light silver bitch with good dark points. Sweet head, well balanced with good skull and muzzle ratio. Darkest of eyes giving super expression, well set ears, nicely fringed. Bite correct. Her nicely crested neck leads into well laid shoulders and tidy front assembly.Her bone is correct for her size and build. She epitomises the required three Ls, being so long and low to ground and holding her topline level at all times, due to correct rib for length and depth together with short loin. Her silver jacket is just right for a Junior and her good construction moves her soundly fore and aft. Correct tail carriage completes the picture. Like her litter brother she took the RCC – how proud their breeder must be of these two youngsters!  2 Zvezdina’s Juger Edelweiss Mary Poppins (Imp Est). Just ten days out of puppy, this young lady gave a lot away on maturity in this class. She is a very flashy eye-catching cream with good dark points, pretty headpiece with good dark eye, nice expression and good bite. She has a reachy neck which she uses on the move. Quite heavily boned for one so young, she is presently a bit up on the leg for her length of back. Standing she was level but she seemed a bit apprehensive and roached slightly on the move. She was not so positive in her hind movement nor as low to ground as 1. However, I will be interested to see how this youngster matures as she has many qualities. 3 Symonds’ Salena Sweet Delight.

Graduate Bitch (3)

1 Whincup-Grindey’s Bunnybois Inspiration. Litter sister to the GD winner. Glamorous cream with super well proportioned head and gorgeous expression. Correct bite. Really good neck leading into well-laid shoulders and good front. Well boned legs and feet. She moves well with good extension and drive, She is covered in a straight coat of nice quality and colour. To be critical, I would like her just a little smaller but nonetheless I am sure she has a bright future.  2 Shuttleworth’s Perrylands Cassidy At Whicheeta. 6 yrs mid- silver with very feminine balanced head and appealing expression, correct bite and nicely fringed ears. She has a good neck and tidy front. Is nicely balanced for length to height, but is inclined to lose her topline at times. She has a mature flat coat of good texture and is well presented and handled. She didn’t seem to enjoy the mat at times and occasionally her movement appeared a little jerky. Good sized typy bitch.  3 Symonds’ Salena Sweet Delight.

PostGraduate Bitch (3,1 abs)

1 Garland-Collins’ Bhuidh Ae Fond Kiss. Pale silver of 17 mths. Lovely head with dark eye, good expression, nice skull/foreface ratio, strong jaw with correct bite. Reachy neck leads into well laid shoulders and good front assembly. She excels in topline due to super length and depth of rib and short loin. Great length of coat for age but it  has a waviness that means it does not lie flat to the body. She has gained confidence in the ring since I last saw her and moved with drive using her good hindquarters.  2 Marshall’s But Beautiful Of Morningsky (Imp Deu)  Very feminine smaller type bitch who was certainly not enjoying her day. She appeared much less mature than 1. although, in fact, a month older. She has a pretty head and sweet expression, correct bite, nice neck and front and when she managed to relax enough on the table showed me her good outline. Very low to ground. She is covered in a good quality dark coat that gleamed. However she gave her handler a hard time and fought the lead totally spoiling her movement.

Limit Bitch (4,1 abs)

1 Marshall’s Skyewalker’s Ozone Baby At Glorfindel (Imp Dan). A very neat feminine pale cream with good dark points. Now 21 months, she is sporting a full coat of good length and correct texture. She has a nice head with dark eye, good expression, correct bite and heavily fringed ears. Again this young lady was not totally relaxed with her handler but co-operated  enough to demonstrate her soundness on the move and held her topline well.  2 Smith’s Marcrieff Glen Glamis. Taller girl than 1, at 3 yrs she has a beautiful quality light silver straight flat coat. Nice headpiece with good expression and correct strong bite. Reachy neck and tidy front, She is well balanced for length to height and moves soundly on well boned legs and feet. She is beautifully groomed and presented, She holds a lovely outline on the move, but when standing her handler lets her down by allowing her to drop her topline. She attended to this point in the Stakes Class taking second place. 3 McLeod’s Esgia Andi’s Wimbledon Dream.

Open Bitch (4)

1 Curtis’s CH. Brakemill Briar Rose. I have watched this elegant Skye through all the stages since puppy and thought today she is just at her peak of perfection! I know she is not the easiest to show and handle having very much a mind of her own, but today was her day! She is a cardboard cut-out Skye and what breeders should all be striving for. She has a gorgeous headpiece with super balance, strong correct bite, lovely dark expressive eyes, crested neck. Good shoulder and front, dead-level topline, correctly set and carried tail. She is in the best coat of her life – so straight, flat and of super quality She just showed her head off! I remember saying to her owner “You are a very lucky person because you own a Merrymount Skye”!.   2 Woodhead’s Ch & Ir.Ch. Knowlespring Mistletoe. Coming up five years, she is a larger girl than 1. She is a quality cream bitch with good dark points. Good headpiece with well fringed ears, dark eye and strong correct bite. She moves soundly enough, (particularly behind because she has magnificent quarters and with quite the best muscletone of the day) but today she seemed a bit bored  by the whole thing. Sporting a very thick coat, she is a quality Skye and a worthy champion who was just having an off-day. 3 White’s Gumshoe Silent Witness.

Veteran Bitch (1)

1 Shuttleworth’s Perrylands Stroller Cum Whicheeta. Coming up 10 yrs, this lovely lady was clearly enjoying her day out. Such a nice headpiece with lovely expression and complete perfect bite. She has a good reach of neck. Well balanced for length to height. Her topline not what it was. But so what! Moving with such enthusiasm and a correctly carried tail. Sporting a good jacket for quality and quantity.

Bitch CC: Curtis’s Ch Brakemill Briar Rose

Reserve Bitch CC: Burscough’s Glorfindel Shadow Wings at Kilfinan

Best Puppy Bitch: Bryden’s Esgia’s Sula Froya

Best in Show: Curtis’s Ch Brakemill Briar Rose

Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex: Garland-Collins’s Bhuidh Here Be Dragons

Best Puppy in Show: Symonds’s Alfastarsky Hannibal Haz History (Imp Fin)

Best Opposite Sex Puppy: Bryden’s Esgia’s Sula Froya

Best Veteran: Harrison’s Ir Ch/Ch Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson

Best Vintage: Lynch’s Kenmilltri Fraxinus


1 Shuttleworth’s. A beautifully matched pair of dark grey litter mates who clearly loved to be together and moved as one. Lovely to see.


1 Burscough’s Glorfindel Shadow Wings At Kilfinan. 2 Smith’s Marcrieff Glen Glamis.  3.Burscough’s Glorfindelsecret Shadow At Kilfinan.

Margaret MacDonald-Cross