Results: Championship Show 2013

Skye Terrier Championship Show (2013)

Judge: Mrs Jenny Kendrick (Jeraro)
It was a pleasure to have judged the Skye Terrier Club Championship show on Saturday 28th September 2013. The venue was in Crawfordjohn, a beautiful place, the public hall surrounded by rolling hills and farmland. Many thanks to my excellent stewards, committee and exhibitors for a wonderful day.

Minor puppy dog – no entries

Puppy dog – no entries

Junior dog (1 entry)
1st Marshall’s Emoticon Kiaora Glorfindel (IMP CZ) – 14 month old cream. Beautiful head, strong jaw. Lovely black pigment showing in muzzle and ears. Good front and level top line, nice harsh coat. A little erratic when first moving but settled to show what he could do.

Graduate dog (1 entry)
1st Curtis’ Brakemill Barnum – 18 month old cream, filled the eye. A lovely masculine head, good neck. Well placed shoulders, good front and rib, level top line. Coat of a good quality.. He moved effortlessly, demanding to be noticed as he glided around the ring. Only a youngster but well deserving of his CC and Best in Show.

Post Graduate (2 entries)
1st Stewarts Glorfindel Secret Service – Three year old black. Nice head, good front, pleasing outline, good steady mover.
2nd King’s Celticbridge Man of Steel – two year old silver drop eared. Nice head and ear set, well made and very promising. Not settled on the move.

Limit dog (5 entries)
1st Garland-Collin’s Bhuidh Here Be Dragons – Dark silver, good head, neck and shoulders, well bodied, moved well.
2nd Parker’s Glorfindel Deacon Brodie – Two year old full of character. Masculine head. Well balanced, not as settled as one on the move.
3rd Hawke’s Glorfindel Cereal Crunch at Maridale.

Open dog (7 entries, 1 absent)
What a class, the line up looked stunning. A couple carried a little more weight than I would like and one didn’t want to move on the day.

1st Richardson’s Talyot Learchus SHCM – A lovely black, gorgeous outline. Excellent head, lovely neck going into well placed shoulders. Well-muscled. Good straight coat. Moved with drive. Res. CC, pushed hard for the ticket, I am sure he will gain his title.
2nd Shuttleworth’s Whicheeta Celtic Keepsake SHCM – Another quality dog, good front, good length of rib, nicely balanced. Moved well..
3rd Marshall’s Ch. Glorfindel Black Mage

Veteran dog ( 3 entries, 1 absent)
1st McLeod’s Glorfindel the Thornking at Esgia – 10 year old. Lovely head, neck and shoulders, good coat. Enjoyed his day out.
2nd Samuel’s Glorfindel Son of Angus – 7 years old, very similar to winner, also in good coat. Moved well

Vintage dog (1 entry, 1 absent)

Minor puppy bitch (6 entries)
A class of 6 puppies made up from 2 litters. Lovely to see a new exhibitor whom I hope gets the bug and we see at more shows.

1st Richardson’s Talyot Nynniaw – 10 months old, very pretty cream with good black points. Well-made throughout, lovely front and level top line. Full of character, moved well when she wanted to. Very promising.
2nd Richardson’s Talyot Nyree – litter sister to one, dark silver, same attributes as one, also moved well. Will be fun watching these two develop and change places.
3rd Richardson’s Talyot Nalani

Junior bitch ( 4 entries)
1st Richardson’s Talyot Nynniaw
2nd Richardson’s Talyot Nyree
3rd Richardson’s Talyot Nalani

Post Graduate Bitch (3 entries, 1 absent)
1st King’s Dark Secret at Celticbridge – 4 years old, feminine head, good reach of neck. Nice rib. Well-muscled hindquarters, moved well.
2nd Woodhead & Krcal’s Knowlespring Dream Cream – pretty cream bitch well made, did not want to settle on the move.

Limit bitch (4 entries)
1st Curtis’ Brakemill Briar Rose – litter sister to the dog CC winner. Very pretty, will be a lovely pale silver when coat has fully cleared. Long and level, very pleasing outline, moved well. Not quite in full coat. Res CC.
2nd Barrass’ Lavaux Spirit of the Isle of Gallondean SHCM – Two year old black. Nice head and neck, good rib, balanced outline.

Open bitch (7 entries)
1st Woodhead’s Ch. Knowlespring Mistletoe – very attractive cream. Pretty head, good neck and shoulders. Nicely balanced throughout giving her a pleasing outline both standing and on the move. Good straight coat. . Bitch CC and Reserve Best in Show.
2nd Marshall’s Ch. Glorfindel Lucretia – lovely black bitch. Again, well balanced and soundly constructed. Moved well.

Veteran bitch (3 entries)
1st Shuttleworth’s Perrylands Stroller Cum Whicheeta – 8 years old and still looking good. Very sound, moved with drive.
2nd Samuel’s Glorfindel Risk of Reprisal – 9 year old cream. Not the smallest of bitches but very sound. In good coat.

Vintage bitch ( 1 entry)
1st Barrass’ Ch. Gallondean Charlie’s Angel – 11 and a half years old making her the oldest Skye at the show today. I always think Skye’s get better with age and she is no exception, still showing all the qualities that gained her title, perhaps a little slower on the move but she’s entitled.

Dog CC and Best in Show – Brakemill Barnum
Res dog CC – Talyot Learchus
Bitch CC & Reserve Best in Show – Ch Knowlespring Mistletoe
Res bitch CC – Brakemill Briar Rose
Best Puppy in Show – Talyot Nynniaw