Skye Classes

The objects of the Skye Terrier Club are to encourage the responsible ownership and breeding of Skye Terriers of correct type and temperament, and the judging of them at shows to be according to the Kennel Club standard for the breed. The Skye Terrier Club encourages all Skye owners, handlers and breeders to take part in breed showing as a great way of meeting other owner/breeders, increasing knowledge and experience of the breed standard and breed showing and mingling with crowds of Skyes and their dedicated owners.

If you’re new to Skyes and starting out in showing, however, it can be difficult to track down shows that schedule Skye classes. To help you to find your shows with classes this page lists Open and Championship Shows that schedule them. Clicking through on the names of the show society will take you to the online service that publishes the schedules and handles entries for these shows. Please note that closing dates will be at least a month before the show takes place – schedules should be available a few months before the listed show month. Shows with a year in brackets will link directly to the current show schedule.

It would be great to see these shows being supported by Skye Terrier Club members and supporters of the breed as, sadly, if we don’t use the classes we face the possibility of losing them.

Don’t forget that Open Show Competition gives you the chance to compete for several Kennel Club Awards – including the Junior Warrant and Show Certificate of Merit titles – and the Skye Terrier Club also run the Annual Angela Harris Open Show Dog of the Year competition.

If you know of any other shows that have Skye classes, please let us know so we can add them to this list!

Society Name
Bon Accord Kennel Association Jan O  
Kirkintilloch, Lenzie & District Canine Society Jan O  
Paisley & District Canine Society Jan O  
Lichfield Canine Society Jan O  
Bridgend and District Kennel Association Jan O  
West Midlands Terrier Feb O  
Swansea & District Canine Club (2017) Feb O  
The Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire Feb O  
Rutherglen Canine Club Valentine Open Show Feb O  
Upperward of Lanark Canine Society Open Show Feb O  
Irving and District Canine Club Open Show Feb O  
Irvine and District Canine Club Feb O  
Clydebank & District Canine Club Feb O  
Catrine Canine Club Feb O  
Liverpool Terrier Club March O  
Northern Counties Sporting Terrier March O  
Crufts (2017) March C Y
East of Scotland Canine Club Open March O  
Scottish Breeds Canine Club (2016) March C Y
Tweedmouth Canine Society March O  
Birmingham and District Gundog and Terrier Society April O  
Manchester & District Sporting Terrier Club April O  
National Terrier Club April C Y
West of England Ladies Kennel Society April C Y
Birmingham National May C Y
Scottish Kennel Club May C Y
Bath Canine Society May C N
Royal Welsh Agricultural Society May O  
Cumnock and District Canine Society May O  
Terrier Club of South Wales May O  
Carluke & District Canine Society May O  
Border Union June C Y
Blackpool & District Canine Society June C Y
St Andrews, Cupar and District Canine Club June O  
Ruthin Canine Society June O  
East of Scotland Canine Club July O  
Fife Kennel Association July O  
Newport and District Agricultural Society July O  
Windsor Dog Show Society July C N
East of England Agricultural Society July C N
Leeds July C Y
Bon Accord Kennel Association July O  
Evesham and District Canine Society July O  
Kingston Canine Society July O  
Cheviot and Berwick Canine Society July O  
Larkhall and District Canine Club August O  
Milton Keynes and District Canine Society August O  
Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Society August O  
Paignton & District Fanciers Association August C Y
Welsh Kennel Club August C Y
Scottish Kennel Club August C N
Lochaber and District Canine Society August O  
London and Home Counties Terrier Club Sept O  
Richmond Dog Show Society Sept C Y
Darlington Dog Show Sept C N
Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Club Oct O  
Birmingham and District Gundog and Terrier Society Oct O  
The Terrier Club of Devon and Cornwall Oct O  
Treharris and District Agricultural Society Oct O  
The Terrier Club of Scotland Oct O  
Driffield Dog Show Oct C N
South Wales Kennel Association Oct C Y
Manchester and District Sporting Terrier Club Nov O  
West Midlands Terrier Nov O  
The Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire Nov O  
Walsall and District Kennel Association Nov O  
Ladies Kennel Association Dec C Y
Luton Canine Association Dec O (Premier)  
Livingston Canine Society Dec O