Of the Year Results 2018

Skye Terrier of the Year

 Curtis’Ch Brakemill Barnum272
R/UpCurtis’Ch Brakemill Briar Rose176

Dog of the Year

 Curtis’Ch Brakemill Barnum272
R/UpKendrick’sFrisco Kiaora At Jeraro160

Bitch of the Year

 Curtis’Ch Brakemill Briar Rose176
R/UpParker’sTweedsmuir Feebee Mine136

Puppy of the Year (Puppy points)

 Large’sParrima-Arih Universe of My Fantasy is Madaza108
R/UpCurtis’Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill80

Stud Dog of the Year

 Samuel’sCh Skyelander Wee Man Of Storr (3 dogs)460
R/UpCurtis’Ch Brakemill Barnum (8 dogs)324

Brood Bitch of the Year

 Curtis’Ch. Tsuki Solastar of Brakemill (2 Dogs)448
R/UpBreeze’sCh Salena She’s The One (2 dogs)236

Veteran of the Year

 Burscough’sGlorfindel Secret Shadow At Kilfinan  62
R/UpHarrison’sCH & IR CH Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc For Trenson50

Best Skye Terrier Owned and Bred in Scotland

 Barrass’Gallondean Foreign Spirit74
R/UpPringle’sEsgia The Exciseman58

Drop Ear of the Year

 Large’sJuger Edelweiss Mickey Mouse Is Madaza94
R/UpMcLeod’sJuger Edelweiss Me Myself And I At Esgia42

Exhibitor Winning the Most CC’s

 Curtis 11 CC’s (2 Dogs) 
R/UpBreeze7 CC’s (2 Dogs) 

Breeder of the Most Winners on Points

 Curtis (2 dogs)448
R/UpMarshall (6 Dogs)270

Beginner of the Year

 Roberts’ (1 dog)54
R/UpHerbert’s (1 dog)34

Brace of the Year

 Woodhead 16

The John Burrows Memorial Annual Group Winner Award

 Curtis’Ch Brakemill Barnum11
R/UpCurtis’Ch Brakemill Briar Rose3

Veteran Group Winner Award

 Burscough’sGlorfindel Secret Shadow at Kilfinan2

Puppy Group Winner Award

 Curtis’Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill10
 Large’sParrima-Arih Universe of My Fantasy is Madaza3

The Angela Harris Memorial Annual Open Show Winner Award

 Parker’sTweedsmuir Feebee Mine85
 Large’sParrima-Arih Universe of My Fantasy is Madaza70