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Skyes are versatile dogs with many talents. Some are very obvious, like their love of everything muddy, and some are more hidden, like their affinity for jumping and schmoozing the local school children. The Skye Terrier Club likes to recognise the many talents of Skyes and we have created this page to do just that. Have a look at what some of our members have been doing with their Skyes, get ideas for your next dog sport, and check out some of the most versatile Skyes in our Versatility and Breed Ambassador Award Schemes. Click on the icons below to explore just what Skyes are capable of!

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Breed Ambassador Award

Breed Ambassador Award

Kelly Visits a Local Primary School

PR Skyes

Sabrina, Top Agility Skye USA Five Years Running

Team Skye International

Versatility Awards

Skye doing agility

Agility Skyes