Fun online dog show – results!

The results are in! Thank you to everyone who entered the Skye terrier club fun photograph competition. Our Judge Mrs Macdonald-Cross had a difficult task selecting 3 photographs for each class from the wonderful entries we received. Here are our winners – please can winners email the with their names and addresses so we can send our your rosettes?

Congratulations to all winners!

Class 1: Best Pal: 1st entry 9 by Jenny Kendrick; 2nd entry 45 by Karen Boothman; 3rd entry 393 by Anu-Maarit Jokinen

Class 2: Best Action: 1st entry 470 by Christa Ahlbom; 2nd entry 397 by Anu-Maarit Jokinen; 3rd entry 96 by Anu-Maarit Jokinen

Class 3: Best Clipped: 1st entry 142 by Anne Ravenscroft; 2nd entry 256 by Sarah Downes; 3rd entry 275 by Hilda Stewart

Class 4: Snow fun: 1st entry 104 by Anu-Maarit Jokinen; 2nd entry 447 by Jitka Matous; 3rd entry 353 by Julie Lynne

Class 5: Water fun: 1st entry 151 by Anu-Maarit Jokinen; 2nd entry 293 by Leonie Whatthey; 3rd entry 556 Arina Volkova

Class 6: Best group of Skyes: 1st entry 168 by Kati Lonnstrom; 2nd entry 107 by Kati Lonnstrom; 3rd entry 412 by Kati Lonnstrom

Class 7: Irish brace: 1st entry 54 by Fiona Turner; 2nd entry 466 by Jitka Matous; 3rd Entry 27 by Hanna Granlund

Class 8: Muckiest: 1st entry 203 by Kati Lonnstom; 2nd entry 491 by Sine Threlfall; 3rd entry 516 by Lisa Sanderson

Class 9: Best relaxed pose: 1st entry 558 by Arina Volkova; 2nd entry 175 by Kati Lonnstrom; 3rd entry 295 by Leonie Whatthey

Class 10: Best puppy dog or bitch under 12 months: 1st entry 424 by George Demientieff Holly; 2nd entry 155 by Geraldine Orouke; 3rd entry 197 by Kati Lonnstrom